The Sound of a Conservative


In post today on First Things Mr. R.R. Reno informs his docile readers that he will no longer be featuring the blog of Maureen Mullarkey. Apparently, Mrs. Mullarkey’s posts were too inflammatory and conspiratorial and seemed to suggest in a very aggressive tone that Pope Francis is working tangentily with president Barrack H. Obama to dismantle what is left of Christian civilization and to established a communist, totalitarian nightmare in its place. Reno then goes on to congratulate Catholics on having “made it” into the Anglo-American establishment, noting that Pope Francis, the first ever non-Catholic pope, was able to meet with the very emotionally unstable soon to be former Speaker of the House John Boehner as well as the not very Catholic but certainly very creepy Vice President Joe Biden—both of whom are “Catholics “ according to Mr. Reno. Reno’s basic point is that Catholic journalists must maintain a timid tone when writing of cursory, superficial issues.

National Review Magazine founder William F. Buckley Jr. is seen in an undated handout photo. Writer and commentator William F. Buckley, a revered figure and intellectual force in the American conservative movement for decades, died on Wednesday at age 82, said the magazine he founded, the National Review. REUTERS/National Review (UNITED STATES). NO SALES. NO ARCHIVES. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS..

This approach is typical of neoconservative publications In general: one must maintain the approach that “enemy” is not really that bad after all. There is no network of Satanist, pedophile Marxists in the Catholic Church. Hilary Clinton is a dishonest socialist liberal; she is not really a homosexual, practicing witch who supplies terrorists with weapons in exchange for money funneled through the Clinton foundation. A lot of this is because neo-conservativism like the Clinton-Blair-Obama neo-liberalism tends to attract stupid or at least uneducated people. It is also because neocons lack any true moral character or virtue, but, at the same time like to affect the manner of educated effete, WASP pre-1968 liberals. The like to live in an imaginary world in which there is not an open “hot” racial, religious, and ideological war raging in America, but, rather, we are in the 1950s in which there can be mild mannered political debates.

However, it is quite clear that the time for compromise and generous open-minded conversations over g & t. There is an overwhelming sense of threat; we live in a constant state of fight our flight as we are surrounded more and more by strangers who do not share our faith, culture, or blood. The post-9/11 security state  has its tentacles in every aspect of our life. It is time for war.


While maintaining a stoic, Confucian core, and always grounded in prayerful and humble self-abnegation, the post modern conservative must be unabashedly aggressive. He must be loud and confident, a veritable ark of knowledge and wisdom, framing the treasury of his mind in a disciplined and augmented body. Both with pen and sword (no, seriously a sword), conservatives must be street fighting men and women. Both the left and the neocons are weak-kneed cowards who hide behind the aggressive posturing of Black nationalists and Islamic terrorists. The left feeds on ressentiment and hatred of anything natural, good, and normal. The left  has lost its will to fight; there are no more Abraham Lincoln Brigades or Soviet Armies. Any show of strength against the left would cause them to buckle, and it is time we start taking the fight to them. It is precisely at this time that we should not be moderate and restrained.


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