The many errors of Bishop Robert Barron

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Another very good post from Unam Sanctam Catholicam.  I saw he was appointed an auxiliary in Los Angeles some time back and meant to do a post, but got distracted and forgot about it.  My friend SB reminded me at lunch today, and mentioned Boniface’s post.  Good Joseph-Brennan-Jose-Gomez-Robert-Barron-David-OConnell-Pstuff.  The fundamental problem with Barron is his Baltasarian outlook, which I have long believed is far more egregious than many recognize.   One is rarely a heretic – or gravely problematic – in just one area.  Usually, errors in one area flow from, and into, many others, poisoning whole swaths of belief.  Boniface explores von Baltasar’s highly erroneous Christology, and how Barron clearly shares it (my emphasis and comments):

There are many things Bishop Robert Barron can be criticized for. I have raised concerns before about his promotion of Hans Urs Von Balthasar’s theory that hell might be empty. But I honestly…

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