The best evangelization isn’t new, it’s the same old ways that always worked

Traddie blog post on my spiritual director.

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That was my takeaway from the beautiful communique from Fr. Lawrence Carney, about whom I’ve written before.  I haven’t much to add, save that all the plans, programs, vast expenditures, and endless navel gazing of the so-called new evangelization haven’t amounted to a hill of beans, while a solitary priest giving witness to the Faith with great charity and in the constant Tradition of the Church is having an actual positive impact.  God Bless Fr. Carney:


Laudentur Jesus et Maria!

The greatest benefactors pray for the birth of a new religious order.

Today I was outside praying the Divine Office of None. When I came into a coffee shop a lady, who I will call 54651d0500414-preview-300Katherine, asked me if I could talk. Her first question was, “Where are you stationed?” I said, “Come over and sit down at that table with me and I will pull out some…

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