“A Gnostic Voyage to the Land of Explosions”: RCGS’s Review of The Edge of Tomorrow


Tom Cruise is a tragic icon for and of Americans who grew up in the last quarter of the twentieth century. Tom Cruise’s journey from Catholic seminarian to dashing all-American actor to “mental health issues” occultist within my lifetime reveals not just the tragic rise and fall of Tom Cruise, but the rise and fall of the post-baby boomer American male. It is no question that Tom Cruise is a crazy, Scientology devotee whose erratic behavior and devotion to the cult make his frequent divorces even more bizarre than the average Hollywood fling. However, in the end, what is most weird about Tom Cruise is that he is not sitting in a hotel somewhere surrounded by cats and empty bird cages but is still around making pretty good actions films. It is Cruise’s acting and his image that make one of his most recent films The Edge of Tomorrow almost but not really worth watching. Viewers can enjoy Cruise’s perhaps too serious attempt to be cool, funny, and all American in the midst of what is essentially a not so strange or unexpected Hollywood Trotskyite lecture on world government with a very strange magic ritual accompanying it.

The Edge of Tomorrow tells the story of an American serviceman played by Cruise who works in public affairs for the military but is going to be required to fight an army of aliens on continental Europe. Cruise refuses, attempting to blackmail a general and then is sent as a private into battle. Cruise dies on the beach, but awakens having to live his day over and over again. Things get complicated after this, and I won’t go into the details, but basically Cruise has to find a way out of this loop, which he does by killing the “queen” or leader of the aliens with the help of a female super soldier played by Emily Blunt.

The movie is loaded with all kinds of the typical Hollywood propaganda. Tom Cruise is part of the American army, but he seems to be fighting as part of some sort of global force full of a ragtag bunch of multicultural Americans and “Europeans.” With the rise of European nationalism and regionalism in response to the collapse of the European Union and the large scale migration to which the European people are being subjected, the movie clearly was made to shore up the ideology of the European Union or the United Nations and promote the idea that millions Africans and Asians can move into Europe and become just as British or French or German as British, Franks, and Germans. However, this sort of globalist, multicultural programing has been going since at least the end of the Second World War in the West.


There is, however, a deeper element to the movie that makes it even more than just the standard Frankfurt School Marxism propaganda piece. At first, it seems like the aliens are  supposed to be the Nazis as the American and British fight the aliens on the beaches of Normandy, and the aliens first land in Germany, so a careful viewer might think that we are in the typical neurotic Hollywood repeat loop of reliving World War II over and over again. However, not so fast: the aliens do not have their base in Germany, but in France, buried under the pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre. Maybe they represent a treacherous band of monarchists, fascists, or Catholics! But, no reader, not quite. You see, these aliens have a hierarchy: some are called “alphas” and there is a leader or mother who is called an “omega.” And Tom Cruise must go through the movie killing alphas and eventually the omega. So, OK, we have a war on God or Jesus or orthodox Christianity or the Catholic Church—maybe/maybe not. I do not think that choosing one of the titles for Christ to name the alien leaders was an accident, but maybe. However, the probable ideological attack on Western culture and Christianity is not the queerest thing about the movie. Near the end, Tom Cruise must kill the omega, which, by the way, resembles the female reproductive organ, by swimming through water and dropping a bomb into it in a very, very creepy scene. Dear reader, if this author is not mistaken, such an act, performed underneath a pyramid is clearly some sort of bizarre fertility ritual.


But only weird people who write blog posts on Tom Cruise movies and the occult are going to figure out such things. So, what’s the point? The average person picking the movie up from Red Box after a twelve hour shift is not going to see the ritual; he will just see Tom cruise killing aliens. And even if he did figure out what was going on, Joe six-pack has already abandoned the Christian faith, and his kids dabble in the occult while he is watching college football or looking at internet pornography or working. So it already was  a mission accomplished for Hollywood’s de-Christianization of The United States.

Dear reader, the point of the ritual at the end of The Edge of Tomorrow could be even weirder than we can possibly imagine. There are all kinds of extra crazy conspiracy videos on the internet; some are about how the London Olympics were going to be the site of a large scale human sacrifice. These are false and crazy—mostly. Others are about how Madonna performed a Kabbalistic, satanic ritual on stage at last year’s super bowl; well, Madonna did do that; there is actually no way around it.  But why? To convince football fans to worship the devil? No. Madonna’s weird ritual provides us with the key to Tom Cruise’s weird ritual in The Edge of Tomorrow. These occult acts are not about teaching anyone anything. The reason for both rituals was to perform the ritual. To offer some bizarre occult act on a massive stage. In honor of whom and for what reason? Dear reader, we must wait to discuss this at THE EDGE OF TOMORROW.


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