Raiders of the Lost Ark – Esoteric Analysis

Jay's Analysis

Original film poster.

By: Jay

There’s nothing more 80s than Steven Spielberg, and there’s nothing better 80s than Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Based on the oft-referenced classic film serials, Indiana Jones is a household name.  What is far from common knowledge are the profound religious and esoteric themes in the Indiana Jones films, particularly in Raiders.  Written by George Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan, and directed by Spielberg, Raiders demonstrates a carefully ordered, intriguing religious progression, evident to those well-read in esoterism and in this case, so-called “traditionalism” or the “perennial philosophy.”  In short, it’s much more layered than the basic-level adventure story presented, and I will demonstrate that below.

The film begins with the mountain image, prominent in Spielberg films, particularly Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  There, “Devil’s Tower” in Wyoming becomes the meeting point of the aliens/gods and mankind.  Biblically, the Law and…

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