“The Integrists in Quebec”


In the midst of the controversy over Charles de Koninck’s book, On the Primacy of the Common Good: Against the Personalists, Jacques Maritain dismissed de Koninck and those who followed him as reactionary intégristes, unable to meet the true challenges of the age:

I was deeply touched by the article of Fr. Eschman in The Modern Schoolman. He has masterfully exploded Koninck, and we can now enjoy entering a fine period of scholastic controversy worthy of the Baroque age. While the world is in its agony, and Monsieur Sartre offers to the intellectuals an existentialism of nothingness, the integrists of Quebec will doubtless raise the cry of alarm in the presbyteries of the New World against the Neo-Liberalism, Neo-Individualism, and, as our good friends at the Tablet call it, Neo-Pelagianism menacing the Holy Church.

J ’ai été profondément touché par l’article du Pére Eschmann dans The Modern Schoolman. Il a mouché…

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2 thoughts on ““The Integrists in Quebec”

  1. One need only look at the disaster of Quebec itself today to see Maritain was as wrong as wrong can be. The birth rate, to mention just one objective fact, went from among the highest in the world, something like 6 per woman in happy Catholic families, to well below the 2.1 replacement level — and a lot of that is Muslim and other immigrants — as the people turn in despair to euthanasia. As to Maritain’s worry about Sartre and Existentialism, that was a passing fad, even in hideous “humanities” departments long gone to Derrida and Foucault. Maritain’s Integral Huminism did not save “the world in its agony,” but plunged it down deeper.

  2. Although he started out as a reactionary, Maritain was a total liberal. He was buds with Saul Alinsky, whom he introduced to Paul VI. He also worked on the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. He is the intellectual godfather of the Catholic neocons (along with Fr. John Courtney Murray). I wonder if Maritain was a useful idiot or agent of evil…

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