What the Devil Told Dr. Dee


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Dear Reader,

As you and I know, the historical narrative of modernity is predicated upon the notion that the past five hundred years have been one of continued moral, technological, and scientific progress. However, what is interesting is to look at the writings of Renaissance occultists who helped summon modernity. Marsilio Ficino famously refers to Florence of 15th century as a “golden century”, which has “brought back to light the liberal arts, which were all but extinguished: grammar poetry, oratory, painting, sculpture, architecture, music, the ancient chanting of songs to the orphic lyre…”  Clearly, no one will argue that the art and music of the Renaissance were beautiful, but that last little tidbit that Ficino adds is especially interesting. Marsilio Ficino, a Catholic priest, would strum hymns in honor of the pagan gods and writes that this rebirth of ritualistic paganism as an example of how a golden era, which had been extinguished by medieval Christianity, is now reborn.

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Elizabeth I’s court magus and spy, John dee also believed that this golden age could be brought about through a magic symbol, the Monas Hieroglyphica, which was the key to bringing about a renewal of human knowledge, the creation of a new reformed, ecumenical Christianity, and a world empire. A spirit that Dee and his conjurer, Edward Kelley, summoned spoke of a new world being created in which the conjurers were helping to discover along with explorers like Sir Humphrey Gilbert; the spirit allegedly said that in this new world, “The corners and straights of the earth shall be measured to the depth: and strange shall be the wonders that are creeping in to new worlds. Time shall be altered, with the difference of day and night. All things have grown almost to their fullness.”

So, we see that those who were deliberately or at least half deliberately were fashioning the Renaissance as a rebirth of pagan mysticism and occult arts thought they were building a new golden era. This, friends, is the era in which we live. The spirits that these magi conjured, also, seemed very keen on ushering in this new age and were also very serious about England getting the upper hand in the new world. In my mind, these revelations only confirm the traditional Catholic view that the period from the Renaissance and Reformation has been one long march of evil, eroding the order of Christendom. We have the confirmation of the devils themselves.

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