A Note on John Argyropoulos


In my last post, I suggested that the transmission of the ancient pagan mysteries, which later were to bloom into the poisonous flower of Freemasonry in the Enlightenment was not accomplished by the Knights Templar, but was transmitted to Italy from Greek Orthodox philosophers and theologians who brought Plato and other Greek pagan works to the Medici family who, in turn, had Marsilio Ficino translate the works of Plato as well as the Corpus Hermeticum. Today, I would like to take a look at John Argyropoulos a forgotten Greek scholar who became a critical figure in the Florentine Renaissance and helped to transmit the “hidden teaching” of Plato into the West.

Appointed by the Medici family to the Florentine Studio, John Argyropoulos (1415-1487), who although today is largely forgotten, was among the most famous philosophers and humanists in Florence, lecturing on the language as well as philosophy. In fact, it is Argyropoulos’s coterie of students who formed the Platonic Academy that, in many ways, gave birth to the Renaissance. While Marsilio Ficino is rightly best known as the great translator of Plato, the famous Florentine humanist, Donato Accialiuoli praised Argyropoulos for bringing Plato to Italy, but, again, it was not a purely rational and philosophical Plato that Argyroplous brought, but rather the Plato of the occult. Accialiuoli stated that Argyropoulos not only taught philosophy but revealed the hidden teaching of Plato to his students: “With great elegance and manner of the ancients, he has taught and is teaching moral and natural philosophy. Many books of Aristotle he has translated into Latin, and he has diligently opened up Plato’s beliefs, and those secrets of this and the hidden teaching as well, to the great wonder of those who hear him lecture.” Argyropoulos himself similarly wrote of a hidden teaching that existed before the flood that Deucalion survived (which was a pagan Greek retelling of Noah’s ark), and which was being revived, “One should also realize… that the sciences had a beginning, not only in our opinion but also in that of the pagans, who nevertheless held that he sciences have continuously sprung up: because at one time things were lost through a flood (one which did not cover the whole world), and at another time things were recovered…” Argyropoulos, like Plato himself as well as the author of the Corpus Hermeticum and occultists from the Renaissance forward, held that there was a pre-flood wisdom that was lost (during the Christian Middle Ages) but can be recovered. The history of the West in the past three hundred years is the history of the recovery of this information as the pre-flood Satanic civilization is being built into the New World Order.

This discussion of the transmission of occultism from the Orthodox East to the Catholic West is especially pertinent to contemporary geopolitics. Recently, I have been revaluating my perspective on Putin, Russia, and Dugin as well as the post-Vatican II view of Eastern Orthodoxy as what John Paul II called the Church’s second lung. It is clear that the perception of Russia in the West as a bastion of traditional conservativism is largely false, and the views of Alexander Dugin are Satanic and totalitarian in origin. Furthermore, while I do not know if Orthodox apologists and Russophiles in the Alt Right community such as Jay Dyer (on whose show Dugin appeared), Mark Hackard, and The Soul of the East crowd are paid by the Kremlin, I do strongly believe they are at least useful idiots in the advancement of a Russian totalitarianism, which is a key building block in the emergence of a New World Order and about which Our Lady of Fatima warned us.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.


5 thoughts on “A Note on John Argyropoulos

  1. Amazing work on exposing the Satanic East! There’s a lot of information here to absorb, thank you. And thank you for calling out Dyer! No coincidence he absolutely indulges in all things “esoteric” along with the satanic shaman David Lynch… Any plans for an article on Palamas?

  2. Gregory Palamas was the central figure in the Hesychast controversy back in the 1300s which helped bury any hopes of a “reunification” after the Schism. Hesychasts are a strange bunch, kind of like gnostic quetist monks. They believe that by special breathing and meditation techniques while praying the “Jesus prayer” (Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on us) incessantly, one is able to perceive the uncreated energies of God since God Himself (His essence) is unknowable. Palamas, aside from being heavily against the Filioque, helped to develop the theological distinction between God’s energies from His essence (Palamism). They tried to use this “mysticism” as a means of finally purging the last vestiges of the West’s tradition of rational thinking from the East. It was this pseudo-revelation that for me introduced a deeply pernicious heresy that to this day threatens the foundations of our Thomism, scholasticism, and even our use of aristotelianism.

    Back to Jay Dyer, you can get a better idea of how deeply anti-Catholic he is by listening to his views on Palamas. Here he is with an “Orthodox” priest Chris Moody: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKf8Af-QN8Q&t=1560s

    1. I think Jay Dyer does some good stuff. However, he seems a little bit off kilter; he blocked me on Twitter when I joked that he was a bot sent into the future by Boris Yeltsin. I think Dyer is very likely getting money from Dugin on someone in that orbit. Also, Dyer is very careful to avoid attacking Jews–maybe its because of his relationship with Sean Stone.

  3. Could be! Russia has won the propaganda war in my eyes. Putin commissioned the world’s largest Jewish Museum and “Tolerance Center” in Moscow, yet somehow many conservative Catholics believe he is a bastion of Christian values against the Jewish-Masonic NWO! Putin is perceived as anti-homosexual, yet praises Elton John in a Socci Olympics lead-up interview. Is it a mere coincidence that among other things, the moronically maniacal Flat Earth “movement” is the only group next to Soviet Russia ever to make it their life’s work to destroy Nasa’s reputation? Russia has been playing the false opposition game in this country for so long, it’s truly hard to tell who genuinely believes in what. I don’t know if Jay Dyer is on the SVR payroll, but he’s doing a great job of spreading the madness nonetheless.

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