Spirit Cooking in the Ancient World



As we have previously demonstrated in the pages of this site, the “spirit cooking” participated in by members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign was not invented by Aleister Crowley but was proscribed in the Renaissance by Marsilio Ficino. However, as we have suspected, such a practice is found among certain gnostic sects such as “Stratiotici, Phibionites, and Borborites.”  In Rudolph’s Gnosis, we read:

“What is told about their cultic celebrations has, as we would say today, pornographic features. They gravitate, if one is to understand the ideological background, around speculations on the collection of the seed of ligtht, which in the form of the male semen and the female menstrual blood must not be allowed to escape, but must get back up to God….They refuse to give birth to children because this only prolongs the sorrowful lot of the seed of light and only serves the purpose of the creator of the world” (247-249).

These sects also practiced ritual murder and abortion. So we have, again, a vision of the left with its eugenics, population control, fetish for violence, abortion, black magic, feminism, religious syncreticism, and egalitarianism all found in gnosticism.

Thank you Wikileaks (even if you are a Mossad front).


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