2 thoughts on “Podcast #3: The Problems with Richard Spencer

  1. Thank you for this analysis. Spencer turns me off because of his more overtly Fascist phenotype (the haircut, the poses, etc.). I personally find Steve Sailer more appealing, and yet for this very reason I find Sailer’s errors more insidious. It’s difficult to imagine how horribly wrong eugenics is when you find mild-mannered Steve Sailer hauling water for it.

    For what it’s worth, here’s a take on Sailerism that I did in much the same vein as your podcasts about Spencer and Milo. Cheers! https://driftlesscatholic.wordpress.com/2017/02/25/having-and-choosing-the-right-problems/

    1. I think that Richard Spencer is appealing because of the cool “fashy” factor. It is precisely because he represents wealth, erudition, and style that he is so appealing–kind of like a German aristocrat. But his views, in the end, are clearly diabolical. Also, if Richard Spencer isn’t gay, then I am a kangaroo.

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