Gnosticism, German Idealism, Romanticism, and Christopher Nolan’s Inception (A Very Brief Note)



Dear Reader,


I am in the midst of writing an academic article on Gnosticism and Renaissance poetry, but I would like to share some brief thoughts on something I recently uncovered. Generally, it is assumed that in the transcendent experiences promised by ancient shamanism, Neoplatonic theurgy, Gnosticism, Romantic poetry, and Disney movies, the initiate would  be taken to a “whole new world” in some celestial plane. However, among Gnostic sects, this other world could simply be called “mind,” “soul,” “spirit,” “divine spark,” or even “inner man.” Thus the voyage is to “God” (that is, a demon pretending to be God) takes place within one’s own mind in some Gnostic sects (thus the connection with Idealism). As a result, the inner self is God and the goal of Gnosis (whether mediated through a Disney cartoon or New Age teacher) is to realize one’s own divinity.

This is one of the core themes of the director Christopher Nolan’s Inception (as well as his Momento and Interstellar), but its not like Hollywood is run by Satanists or anything.

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