The Strange Story of Bia Medici


One of the Italian families most famous for the introduction of Neoplatonism and Neoplatonic magic is the Florentine Medici family. Cosimo Medici was the life long patron of Marsilio Ficino and forced Ficino to stop his famous translations of Plato’s works in order to translated the Gnostic text, the Corpus Hermeticum. The banking patriarch’s interest in the occult is not atypical for a banker: there has always been as strong of link between banking and magic as their has been between banking and sodomy. It is curious, however, to reflect on what the Florentine banking magnet exactly knew about the Corpus that maybe even Ficino did not.

Perhaps, a clue is found in the name of  the namesake and descendant of Cosimo, Cosimo I de Medici’s illegitimate daughter Bia. Allegedly, the girl, who died at the age of five, was called “Bia” as an diminutive of “bambina” or “little girl.” However, there is a section in the Talmud called the Issurei Biah, which discusses forbidden sexual relations–including and especially prohibitions against sexual intercourse with the Christians.

Someone, may rightly say that just because there is a word in the Talmud that sounds like the name of the illegitimate daughter of a Medici, it does not mean that there is any connection whatsoever.

However, we do know that the Jews and the Medici were intimately intertwined in the history of Florence and Northern Italy in general. As the Jewish Virtual library notes, the Medici encouraged the growth of Jewish communities in Siena and Pisa as well as other towns. What is more, the Medici eliminated the ban on Jews in 1512 in Florence; however, the ban was reinstated in 1527 when the Medici were expelled.

It is possible that either the Medici 1). were members of the tribe themselves or 2). were thick as thieves with the Jews and thus rose and fell with them (think Trump family).

We also must remember that the identity of Bia’s mother was kept secret.

Was Cosimo’s daughter Bia nick-named as such as insider joke, revealing that she was conceived with an impure Italian, thus breaking the sacrosanct Talmudic laws of racial purity? Or was Cosimo himself actually an Italian and sincere Christian who managed to seduce one of the chosen people?

Whether or not the story is true, it is weird that the Medici who were so instrumental in the rise of paganism and the occult in the Renaissance and who caused so much harm to the reputation of the Church through their Simoniac march through the ranks of the clergy were such pals with the Jews.

Was the young girl murdered or allowed to die because of her parents misdeeds?

Here is a theory: Whether or not they had the pure seed of Abraham, the Medici may have been initiated into the upper tier of the secret society and were a conduit through which money and political power could be used to promote degenerate art and magic and attack Christianity.


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