Fausto Sozzini, The Medici, and the American Founding


I have become firmly convinced that the Medici family was a key vessel for the transmission of the ancient mystery religion under the guise of Neoplatonism or the what was called the prisca theologia or the notion that there is a line of poets, magicians, and philosophers of the ancient world who carried a secret philosophy that supposedly foreshadowed Christianity (when, in fact, it was just Gnosticism aka intellectualized Satanism).

One of the interesting pieces of information I came across in reading Caroline P. Murphy’s highly and stupidly eroticized, feminist garbage biography Murder of a Medici Princess about Isabella Orsini, daughter of Cosimo de Medici is that the Italian heretic and deist Fausto Sozzini was her Isabella’s secretary. After the murder of Isabella (allegedly because of her infidelity to her husband Paolo Orsini–but there is probably more to the story), Fausto fled to Poland where he lived in Krakow, a city notorious for its cultivation of the dark arts–there was a Dr. Faustus on whom the later stories were based who lived there in the 15th century, and Pope John Paul II, archbishop of Krakow, was exposed to the occultism of Madame Blavatsky through one of his drama teachers.

What is further interesting is that the ideas of Fausto, this Medici-Orsini secretary, would later, according to Caroline Murphy, “be embraced by such founding fathers of America as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson” (336).

Thus we have the curious case of Medici, whether deliberately or not, paving the way for liberalism and Masonry, which are just polite ways of packaging the occult.

What more is there to the story?


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