Edgy Philosophy and Petrarch


Writing of the great Renaissance poet Petrarch, Hans Nachod states, “As a faithful son of the Church, he was fully satisfied with her teaching and did not need another guide to the labyrinth of his life, in this respect particularly under the spell of his great model Augustine. He used to laugh at vain efforts to penetrate the secrets of nature, and he ridiculed those who pretended to know the answers to problems he thought not worth investigating. Philosophy meant to him an exclusively practical discipline teaching the art of living well and happily, the ars bene beateque vivendi,as his beloved Cicero had put it.”

What a refreshing and humble approach to philosophy–especially in light of the tedious arrogance of Anglo American analytic philosophy and scientism that dominates so much of the academy today.

All true philosophy deals in some way with the art of living.


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