Manly P. Hall, Ronald Reagan, and John Paul II (A Shocking Revelation).


Throughout his work, A Pope and A President: John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and the Extraordinary Story of the 20th Century, in which he attempts to seize the message of Fatima and use it as post-Cold War American imperial propaganda, Paul Kengor repeatedly refers to the phrase “Divine Plan” or “DP,” which was regularly used by Ronald Reagan, his staff, and according to Kengor, John Paul II himself during their intrigues against the Soviet Union.

As even mainstream secular journals admit, it is well known that Ronald Reagan was an avid reader of the works of Manley P. Hall, the high ranking Free Masonic occultist who envisioned the creation of America as a product of millennia of conspiracy on behalf of secret societies. These secret societies aimed to create a world republic using America as a vehicle. Manly P. Hall called these efforts “The Great Plan.”

Sounds a lot like “Divine Plan,” doesn’t it?

We are thus, again, left in a strange situation with some troubling questions.

  1. Did John Paul II really believe in a Divine Plan or Great Plan in which America would bring about an occult world republic? Is this what John Paul meant by the New Spring Time of Evangelization (a term derived form the occult) and New Advent (advent of whom? Christ has already come!?).
  2. If not, does this reference to Hall give us a key to understanding the neocons’ infiltration of the Church and their attempt to coral her in the service of American imperialism? Are/were Kengor, Weigel, Novak, Fr. Neuhaus (and others) part of some organization that is working toward the Great Plan?
  3. What is going on here?

5 thoughts on “Manly P. Hall, Ronald Reagan, and John Paul II (A Shocking Revelation).

  1. While we are connecting the dots don’t overlook the Montini, Maritain, Alinsky connection. Soros is a disciple of Alinsky as was Hillary and Obama also Francis. Looks like one large revolutionary Communist plot that began well before vat2 but in that council they were able to attain “respectability”. “Integral humanism” (Maritain-Alinsky language) “civilization of love” JP2. Alinsky-Gramsci …Christian civilization to be overthrown through infiltration and fraud…Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.the practical blueprint for overthrowing America and the West…Judeo-Masonic-Communism…plenty of hidden, secret streams in this conspiracy that has been unfolding before our eyes for 50 years and is reaching some kind of new intensity under the imposture who claims the title of Peter.

  2. Just a guess…but I think he was a bit of both. I think this is what the heresy of Modernism does…it conflicts a man…makes him think he can be both a Catholic and a judeo-masonic agent at the same time. Pius X very perceptive on this. Ronald Reagan…the actor (so was JP2)…the “conservative”…introduced the communist “law” of no fault divorce in CA. Greatly expanded abortion. Voted for FDR 4 times. Held up as a model of conservatism….think he and Alinsky-Gramsci were on the same path as is all American politics. Deception…the essence of modern politics.

  3. Here are my thoughts on JPII (I can’t prove all of this). I think JPII, like Bill Clinton, Obama, etc. was deeply wounded by his childhood. He possibly found out pretty earlier on that he was part Jewish and thus identified with the Jewish kids in his neighborhood both because he was a bit Bohemian and maybe in ethnic solidarity. Perhaps someone in Western or Eastern intelligence made contact with him at a relatively early age (maybe through a secret society). He was exposed to occultism and romanticism as an actor and always carried those ideas with him. I think he was never “controlled” by an intelligence agency but rather the path was cleared for him, and he was seen as a potential asset. Throughout his life, he lived as a bohemian and “liberal conservative” prelate. He seems to have been genuinely pious and devout, but cultivated inappropriate relationships with a couple of women (I don’t think they were physical). He was a weak pope who was courted by East and West and perhaps black mailed or bullied by both East and West. However, he honestly thought he was practicing and preaching authentic Christianity.

  4. Plausible conjectures. I have looked at the Paul Kengor book and was struck by the assertions that JP2 and Reagan were “best friends”. It is very obvious that the secret societies and their secret intelligence agencies have long expressed a desire to control the papacy (Alta Vendita) they got that with Vat2. Jp2’s bohemian aspect shows up in his theology of the body. world youth day etc. Also his creation of the Divine Mercy which contradicts the Fatima message of impending chastisement and is being manipulated by the current office holder, a Soros actor. I agree Jp2 believed himself to be devout but was very compromised.

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