Reflections on Some Traits of Theurgy

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Dear Reader,

I recently been probing the ancient pre-Socratic pedigree of a Neoplatonic magic, also known as theurgy, or “god-working.” In his work, Ancient Philosophy, Mystery, and Magic, Peter Kingsley gives a few traits of theurgy that have roots in the magic allegedly practiced by the pre-Socratic philosopher Empedocles. The traits are as follows:

  1. Control over the weather.
  2. Visions of gods in a glass, mirror, or by some other means.
  3. The use of magic amulets and symbols.
  4. The obtainment of immortality via magic after a process of death and rebirt

It is interesting to see how modern technology has the same traits.

  1. Weather modification via chem trails, cloud seeding, etc.
  2. Virtual reality, television, the internet, and AI.
  3. The proliferation of occult symbols in pop culture.
  4. The drive for immortality and the possible of resuscitation via cryogenic freezing

It is almost as if there is a 3000 year+ old occult tradition that has now finally broken free from the restrains of Christianity…

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