Sufi Islam, Gnosticism, and the Ur-Religion


Dear Reader,

Why did the late Roman emperors tolerate every religion accept for Christianity?

Why were Protestant and crypto-pagan Catholic rulers eager to make alliances with the Turks during the Early Modern period?

Why are Sunni Islam and Talmudic Judaism in a seemingly alliance ?

Why are neo-Pagan members of the Alt Right forging relationships with Israeli Zionists, Shi’ite Muslims, and closet pagan members of the Orthodox Church?

What if it is because all of these disparate groups practice the same religion and worship the same gods?

In the craziest sectors of the Catholic web, there is an underlying theory that the basic scaffolding of all non-Catholic religions (including Protestantism) is Luciferaenism.

If this theory is correct, and Gnosticism is merely intellectualized Lucifereanism, then the underlying religion of the worlds religions (outside of the Catholic Church) is Gnosticism.

Along similar lines, I would like to note that in Ancient Philosophy, Mystery, and Magic, Peter Kingsley points out that there was a “secret gnostic teaching,” which passed through the Islamic Sufi tradition. In fact, the members of this sect would meet in secret in Cairo and Mecca.

What happened to this sect?

Did it affect other branches of Islam?


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