John Milton, Divorce, and the Druids

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In many ways, the English Renaissance poet John Milton is one of the founding fathers of the modern world. He was an advocate of free speech, intellectual progress via dialectical evolution, as well as a radical “Reformed” (literally so) Christianity.

Milton also introduced Satan as a heroic figure to the West in his Paradise Lost, and many of Milton’s minor works are loaded with occultism.

He also advocated divorce in 1644 by appealing to the example of the pagan, human sacrificing, demon-worshiping Druids. He informs Parliament:

” It would not be the first, or second time, since our ancient Druides, by whom this Island was the Cathedrall of Philosophy to France, left off their pagan rites, that England hath had this honour vouchsaft from Heaven’ to give our reformation to the World.”

Milton, like many British Renaissance figures viewed the Druids has having a secret wisdom and teaching that could be accessed and introduced to the world in order to bring about a spiritual “reformation.”

An integral part of this reformation was the return of the pagan practice of divorce.

If we look at the advance of the sexual revolution in the 20th and now 21st centuries, we clearly see the effects of this “reformation” in our own day.


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