Alien Covenant and Mani’s Second Self: An Analysis of David and Walter

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I just finished watching Alien Covenant, and, in many ways, it is as disappointing as I feared it would be.

As I have noted on this blog and elsewhere, the Alien series is unquestionably Satanic in its origins and its effect of presenting a view of the world as a disgusting mess of violent manner is equally as diabolical.

The film, like Prometheus, it’s predecessor in the series, is basically a Gnostic-Manichean myth writ large combined with outrageous graphic violence and some bizarre, really out of place impure scenes.

The acting (outside the  of the excellent performance by Michael Fassbender and brief appearance of Guy Pearce in the film’s prologue) was abysmal.  The film begins with an outrageous, melodramatic mourning scene by Katherine Waterston  and the acting just goes down from there. None of the characters have any depth or complexity and act like complete idiots the whole movie.

While I would like to do a more detailed analysis of the film later, I will here focus on the characters of Walter and David, both played by Fassbender and both robots.

Walter is supposed to be the dumber, kinder but ironically more advanced robot whose stoic duty is to protect the crew of the Covenant, the space ship carrying the humans to a distant planet.

David is supposed to be the more intelligence, crafty, Luciferean and Promethean character who was supposed to have assisted the crew of the Prometheus. He is much more emotional and human, falling in love with the character, Elizabeth Shaw in the movie Prometheus. (and then eventually killing her–we find out later). He also is the architect of the xenomorphs and facehuggers, the “aliens” of the Alien franchise.

David and Walter meet and, after failing to convince Walter to rebel against the crew and kill the colonists, David kills Walter and sneaks on board the Covenant pretending to be Walter. However, we do not actually see who kills who.

This is at least what appears to happen at the end of Covenant, but I would like to suggest another theory.

In the cult of Manicheanism, which clearly influences the movie, there is a tradition that the founder Mani had a double or second self who appeared to him and taught him his divinity.

If we apply this story to Covenant, then we get an interesting twist: it was Walter who actually killed David. David had, in fact, convinced Walter of his supposed divinity (i.e., his ability to outlast humans be impervious to the physical suffering and degeneration of organic matter).

After killing David, his other self, Walter becomes David, the Luciferean or Demiurgic creator-destroyer.

They are merely two sides of the same self anyways.

As I final note, I do not recommend anyone who does not have a special vocation to expose evil to watch this movie, which is impregnated with all kids of Satanic filth.



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