Saint Lydwine of Schiedam, The Road, and Consolation in a Time of Degeneracy

Image of St. Lydwine


About once a month, Steven Skojec at OnePeterFive expresses his fatigue at having to deal with the constant stream of degeneracy flowing from the Vatican. While this plea was part of one of Skojec’s monthly fundraisers, I can certainly understand the man’s lament.

I have noticed around me the absolute disintegration of the Protestant culture that once sustained the United States and have come to the sober realization that while there is a small contingent of Generation Zers who are still, to quote Cormac McCarthy’s novel, The Road, “carrying the fire” of tradition, the majority of them are the literal “walking dead” and thus the culture wars have been completely lost.

In regard to the Church, have lost trust in almost all the traditional Catholic leaders and even some of the media. Furthermore, while I still believe Pope Francis is probably the pope, I honestly don’t know.

Trump has turned out to be a bust, the Alt Right has turned out to be led by a gang of homosexuals and occultists.

But, not so surprisingly, this is not the first time in human history when this is happened.

I am currently reading TAN Books’ excellent work on Saint Lydwine of Schiedam the famous Dutch victim soul of the late fourteenth and early fifteenth century. During St. Lydwine’s life, there was the Great Schism and as the author writes, “Most of the sovereigns were either rogues or maniacs.”  This degeneracy paved the way for the Reformation as well as the rebirth of paganism known as the Renaissance.

However, Saint Lydwine and other Catholics went about their lives following the traditions of their fathers and mothers and then went to heaven. Those degenerates of her time who did not repent before death went straight to hell.

This example can serve as a model for us as Catholics to keep the fire and follow the traditions of our fathers. As a survival guide, I often this list of advice for how to carry the fire (take it or leave; I am not a spiritual director, and I don’t follow this advice all the time).

  1. Attend the Latin Mass exclusively.
  2. Avoid reading the news more than once a week.
  3. Pray the Rosary every day.
  4. Cut out all secular (I mean Satanic) media that would not meet the old Hollywood production code.
  6. Spend as little time on the internet as you can.
  7. Eat as close as you can realistically afford of whole, clean, organic, non GMO foods.
  8. Spend time with your family and friends in real time.
  9. Get to know your neighbors (as long as they are not thugs or sex offenders).
  10. Keep your self and your home clean and ordered.
  11. Do 15 minutes at least of mental prayer a day.


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