Some Reflections on Spiritual Warfare

Dear Reader,

I would like to offer herein some personal thoughts in regard to spiritual warfare. I am not a psychologist or anyone’s spiritual director, so these comments should be taken as my opinion only.

It always sounds creepy and crazy when people on the internet go into detail in regard to their experience with diabolical phenomenon, and there are a number of panhandling “converts” from Satanism who often embellish their experiences with some exaggerations. So, for now at least, I will forego any detail on my experiences with evil.

However, I will share what has and hasn’t worked in ridding the pronounced presence of demonic from my life. Furthermore, some of my comments and sources will be drawn from the writings and podcasts of Fr. Chad Ripperger, whom I have found to be a very helpful resource.

What Has not Worked

I want, in the strongest words possible, to discourage people from seeking help from charismatic healers, prayer teams, etc. There is no question in my mind that these people are channeling demonic spirits in order to temporarily heal people of mental and physical elements.

The phenomenon of “praying in tongues” is either gibberish, or has been suggested, an ancient Semitic language  in which the speaker is actually blaspheming and cursing God under demonic influence.

The festival of praise and praise and worship practice is nothing more than a Dionysian worship ritual in which demonic entities are summoned to possess or at least affect the spirits of those in the ground.

Finally, the phenomenon of praying over someone is simply a lay person commanding a demon into someone as opposed to casting one out.

This does not mean that everyone involved in this practices is knowingly acting as a Shaman. In fact, I think that most of these people think their are honestly calling down the Holy Spirit and healing others.

What Has Worked

  1. Praying the traditional breviary in Latin (especially Compline).
  2. Receiving Holy Communion frequently.
  3. Avoiding almost all secular culture (especially impure movies, music, etc.).
  4. Attending the Traditional Latin Mass.
  5. Confession (especially a general confession).
  6. Penance, fasting, etc. (under the authority of a spiritual director).
  7. Avoiding drinking immoderately.
  8. Joining the Auxilium Christianorum.
  9. Learning the traditional and authentic teaching of the Church and developing a disgust for Modernism and even the Modernism Lite of Novus Ordo conservatives.
  10. Total Consecration to Our Lady (renewed yearly).
  11.  Daily meditative prayer.
  12. Purity (even in the married state).
  13. Renunciation of my own will and attempt to follow Our Lord’s (in everything).

Again, this not guaranteeing a cure, but these things, over time, may help.












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