Gnosticism, The Sethian Tradition, and the Luciferian Ur-Religion Revisited

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Dear Reader,

I am currently making my way through Apocalypse and the Alien God: Platonism and the Exile of Sethian Gnosticism by Dylan M. Burns, and I have noticed some reoccurring themes in the Gnostic tradition that prop up in various Western religions throughout the Christian Era. The traits are as follows.

  1. A belief in a chosen, master race descended from an Old Testament patriarch (usually Seth) whose master race qualities are often hidden.
  2. The idea that a secret teaching was left behind by some avatar of Seth or the divine human (usually on tablets, which are usually bronze or golden).
  3. The notion that this  teaching is passed down, again, in secret.
  4. The notion that Christ was just one of many avatars of the divine man.
  5. The notion that only the ascended ones can understand the secret teaching.

These ideas are clearly found in National Socialism, Hinduism, Mormonism, Islam, the New Age, especially Talmudic Zionism.

Zionism seems especially Gnostic because of its claim that its adherents are a master race or chosen people; however, this master race quality is hidden behind the seeming docile and unattractive or weak or friendly appearance of the people. The Talmudic element of Zionism is also especially Gnostic because of the claim that the rabbis are not only the true teachers of the Law, but even supersede God Himself with their teaching.

The idea of a hidden teaching that is recorded some where but passed down also jives well with my theory that Gnosticism was passed down through cells in the Eastern Orthodox Church as well as the belief among witches and occultists today that there movement was merely underground when the Church had power.

5 thoughts on “Gnosticism, The Sethian Tradition, and the Luciferian Ur-Religion Revisited

  1. That’s interesting because I have heard in the corporate world that many of the new age corporate coaches encourage channeling so called “ascended masters”. In fact one of these coaches recommended that I read the book: “The Four Agreements” which although did not mention any ascended masters was still chalk full of occult imagery and teaching. Perhaps you could look into the book when you have the time?

    1. Will do. That is very interesting. I’ll be entirely honest that part of me has a hard time believing that a Satanic cult controls the world. But I hear stories like yours from many sources. The weird thing is is that this occultism has always been with us. It just has become more pronounced recently.

      1. Well I agree I too have a hard time believing that there is a unified occult cult that secretly controls everything too. Although I do think is that culture comes from behaviors which come from concepts which come from ideas. Ideas once spread around enough mutate and take on a character of their own, much like the game telephone. Thus whatever vector can introduce and spread certain ideas, does in fact shape the future of the world.
        The way I understand it too is as the True Mass has been much reduced in the world there is not the same barrier against the forces of Hell as there was in the past and we can expect to more and more increasing exponentially.
        But these are just my opinions and nothing more.

  2. To echo Ryan, I recently began reading Napoleon Hill’s writings to gain insight into increasing my income. It turns out, his ideas came from a “Council of 33” that spiritually appeared to him. I’m convinced that everyone whose income far exceeds standard professional salaries has some connection to occult or esoteric spiritual practices. Just look at all the occult symbolism flashed by Hollywood celebrities and musicians. Keep posting this blog, it’s very interesting.

    1. Thank you. If you believe that there are entities (demons) who are more intelligent than us and are not bound by the same physical limits as we are, then a lot of this makes sense. People are as a whole both intelligent and stupid, but it is hard to believe that a disgusting evil old man like George Soros runs the world. He looks like he can’t even get out of bed without a stimulate and physical assistance. I honestly think that people like Soros, and the Rockefellers, and the Rothschildes are not really in charge. They are upper tier for sure, but they are not the ones calling the shots. I don’t think it is even “the Jews” as such or the Masons who are ultimately in charge. They play an important role in the grand chess game, but they are just rooks or bishops being moved around.

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