Another Brief Note on The Theology of the Body and Gnosticism

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Who’s ready to talk about L.O.V.E. ????

Many Novus Ordo Conservatives who follow the popularization of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body love to use frequent and even detailed erotic imagery to describe the relationship between Christ and the Church as well as between God and the beloved soul at prayer.

While such imagery is common in the Christian mystical tradition, the heavy and public use of impure language is a new phenomenon and a characteristic of many members of the Novus Ordo ecclesiastical structure.

What is interesting is that such erotic and sensual imagery was a hallmark of Gnostic creation stories and other aspects of Gnostic theology-a point that St. Irenaeus himself chose to ridicule, noting that the Gnostics were obsessed with “the intercourse of Eros.”

Thus, even the Church Fathers noted that excessive preoccupation with sex and erotic imagery in theological discussion was the mark not only of a degenerate, but a heretic.



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