Gnostic and Charismatic Babbling Revisited


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Give me that ol’ time Gnostic religion

Dear Reader,

As I have written before, it is apparent that the babbling in the modern charismatic movement has its origins in Gnostic rituals not in the “speaking in tongues” described by St. Paul.

I have just uncovered an interesting tidbit in which the babbling, which by the way, was used to summon “gods” and “angels” (not good ones) could take the form of repetition of a Greek vowel or consonant in the midst of a stream of “praise” directed toward the god (aka devil) addressed. The text which I am examining from the book Platonism and Gnosticism has the following:



And so on.

This sounds like the demonic babble I heard when I would attend praise and worship services as a young man as well as when I would get “prayed over” by healers.

It is no wonder that many of the people I knew in the Charismatic movement have turned out to be degenerates or lost the faith.





6 thoughts on “Gnostic and Charismatic Babbling Revisited

  1. I like reading your brief notes, but it would be great if you could assemble them into a short essay that I could show my friend, i.e. someone who is wary of things like charismaticism and theology of the body, but who isn’t familiar with the history or nature of ancient gnosticism, and its similarities with them. Showing that their form of prayer is Gnostic, and not the biblical charism referred to by St. Paul, is very important. Thank you.

    1. Interesting, sounds like the theurgic goal of making animated statues in ancient Egypt. There is a Greek myth of a robot named Talus who guarded the island of Crete (a place of occultism and high technology).

  2. I think about it this way :-

    In the middle ages, the Catholic Church was on top, and witches and druids were oppressed and driven underground.

    In the modern ages, the witches and druids are on top (in an occult, i.e. hidden manner, of course), and the Church is being oppressed and driven underground.

    Which is why we are told today, in essence: witches never existed, and the Catholic Church persecuted them!

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