“Once the Doors of Perception Are Open”: Enlightenment, LSD and the Chaldean Oracles

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One of the Oracles from the Chaldean Oracles caught my eye. It reads:  ‘Let the immortal depth of the soul be opened, strongly spread out all the eyes upwards.” The “immortal depths of the soul,” are also called the eye of the soul, which needs to be opened.

A recurring theme in many sci-fi and surrealist movies is the idea of “opening eyes” or awakening through which a character is radically changed.

This notion of awakening is called opening the “doors of perception” by Aldous Huxley, and, of course, the rock group, The Doors took their name from this expression. Huxley was talking about the use of LSD to unlock the minds powers, but it is very interesting that his comments sound a lot like the ideas found in ancient Chaldean texts and the writings of Neoplatonists.

Is it possible that rock concerts at which psychedelic drugs are taken to open the doors or eye of the soul and at which spirits are summoned and funneled into the open soul of youth via music and ritual are simply massive shamanistic festivals meant to induce mass possession?


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