The Sacraments of Apollo and Novus Ordo Church Architecture

Dear Reader,

I just came across an interestingly description of the “highest sacrament,” that is, the “sacrament of Apollo,” in the Chaldaean Oracles, which reads: “culminates in the union of the soul of the initiate with the ray sent towards him from the sun.”

The Oracles further describe a literal tasting or imbibing of sunlight. On the surface, this ritual simply sounds weird and crazy. However, it must be remembered that the rituals of the Chaldaean oracles are integrally linked with shamanism and theurgy and thus possession.

As a result, the drinking of sunlight is only a representation of allowing the sun god entrance.

And who is Apollo? Well he is also called Ra and Lucifer among other things.

This sacrament of Apollo reminds me a very ugly Church of a former convent that I visited that was designed to allow the sunlight shine on the Novus Ordo table-altar during the solstice (winter, if I remember correctly).

Now why would an architect of a Catholic Church want to represent what at least looks like the sacrament of Apollo on an altar?

Is there a connection between the sacrament of Apollo and the notion of enlightenment and illumination popularized in the 18th and 19th century?

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