Madame Blavatsky and Richard Spencer: A Bizarre Connection

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Dear Reader,

During the long, hot summer of 2017 when the Alt Right exploded on the national scene at Charlottesville, I often thought of the connections between the Alt Right and the Manson Family, which also wanted a race war–I know that Richard Spencer calls for peaceful genocide but bear with me.

One of the key elements of Charles Manson’s cult was a race war that would bring about the apocalypse–sounds a little like Christian Zionism, doesn’t it?

Well, I have been working my way through Dave McGowan’s very disturbing and graphic Programmed to Kill and came across an interesting tidbit about Madame Blavatsky.

I knew about her racialist ideas as well as parallels between her thought and Nietzsche’s. However, I did not know that she advocated a race war.

I also came across an interesting tidbit about Aleister Crowley who claimed that Richard Wagner and Friedrich Nietzsche were past grand masters of Crowley’s OTO.

Well, Richard Spencer just so happens to be fomenting (intentionally or not a race war) and is a devote of Nietzsche who regularly spouts Nietzschean ideas. Spencer also allegedly worked at Bayreuth theater, the Ground Zero of Wagnerianism.

Is there a wider connection here between Spencer and the OTO or an organization that temporally created and used the OTO?

Is it possible that Spencer is working one half of a dialectic that is seeking racial conflict to bring about increasing state oversight?

Is this dialectic part of an occultic, alchemical ritual?

Is there a connection with Donald Trump or the Bushes?

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3 thoughts on “Madame Blavatsky and Richard Spencer: A Bizarre Connection

  1. Richard Spencer exists to allow the powers of the world to label conservative people who question the narrative as Amalek. Most people who consider themselves “Alt-Right” do not associate with Richard Spencer. A lot, if not the majority, of these people are blue dog democrats who have been screwed over by off-shoring and illegal immigration, who are now questioning the legitimacy of the establishment. Richard Spencer has been selected as a false prophet in order to polarize and allow for the establishment to demonize this burgeoning movement. Much like William Buckley was selected so that the conservative movement would prioritize fighting communism over civil rights. (He was the precursor to the neocon movement.)

    1. I know people who know Spencer and say that he is a true believer in his views. I wonder if he is being handled unknowingly or just under demonic influence.

  2. Why pay for an actor, when you can hire a useful idiot for free? I don’t doubt that Richard Spencer is genuine in what he believes, in fact it probably makes him even more dangerous.

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