A Fifth Sign of the Demonic






One of the most disturbing things that I have encountered in Dave McGowan’s work Programmed to Kill is the use of human excrement in Satanic ritual. In McGowan’s profile of various tentacles of a hybrid of drug and human trafficking, Satanism, and military intelligence overlap, it seemed that excrement played an element in most of the cases.

McGowan’s work contains many disgusting references to excrement being used in child abuse, rituals, and packaged and stored in the homes of serial killers, satanists and others involved in McGowan’s alleged networks (in some of the worse cases, individuals who had been driven mad by their crimes lived in homes that were covered in human waste as well as human and animal blood and body parts).

These descriptions reminded me of the current promotion of various degenerate sexual acts that involve contact with human excrement–one can think of the recent Teen Vogue scandal.

Why would the devil request that human waste be used in Satanic ritual?

Is it simply to humiliate his slaves?

A key aspect of demonic activity is the inversion of the natural order. If a married couple is supposed to kiss on the lips as a sign of love, then other activity that inverts this kiss (and which is promoted by contemporary degenerate culture) is a disgusting mockery of a tender sign of human love.

Moreover, if gnosticism is intellectualized Satanism, then there is a link between the use of human waste and the hatred of the physical world–even in Goethe’s Faust Mephistopheles expresses his disgust for the stuff in the physical world. To a demon that hates the physical world, all physicality is grotesque waste.

Finally, we can see that the current fads of degenerate and unchaste sodomitical activity that has even entered into some Theology of the Body circles in the Church (!) is clearly demonic and meant to degrade the human body.

It also may even by an act of magic ritual.

One thought on “A Fifth Sign of the Demonic

  1. Gnosticism is intellectualized Satanism… good stuff my man! And it is secular Satanism as well. Glad I stumbled across your blog. Will be watching!

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