Menos, Pharmakeia, Theurgy, and MK Ultra

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Dear Reader,

I am reading through E. R. Dodds’ excellent The Greeks and the Irrational (in which I found a poem written by the previous owner of the book!), and came across a description of theurgy depicted in Homer, which, interestingly resembles the phenomenon of the Viking  berserkers.

Apparently Homer used the word “menos” to describe the gods’ implanting of what Plato would call furor in the warrior. Thus Homer is describing his heroes as being temporarily mad or possessed especially when they are in a state of fury performing their aristeia or even and perhaps especially when they are in a state of combat with the gods.

Thus Achilles, Odysseus, and Hector and other all resemble Vikings in a shamanistic trance, and thus there is another link between Mycenaean and Germanic culture. Clearly the classical Greeks that we know as a the pinnacle of Greek culture were a combination of Mediterranean Indo-Europeans and perhaps Germanic, Celtic, or Slavic? northern Europeans.

The phenomenon of a hero being required to be in a state of trance or be given menos while combating with a god also presents a link to demonic mystical experience that later theurgists would have when performing rituals to summon demons.

This god fighting in poems like the Iliad also may be either a memory or a demonic imitation of the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel.

Finally, we might ask if modern experience of movies under the influence of the “magic” of psychiatric drugs is a modern experience of menos or the berserker experience. The common narrative of many of the mass shooters–especially the Batman killings–is a young man who, under the spell of psychiatric medication, was triggered by the ritual of the movie. Was this done intentional as some sort of occultic-medical experiment? Are we all affected in a similar manner when watching movies?

If it is true that most movies, not just explicitly occultic ones, are a form of shamanistic experience, then I would, once again advise extreme discretion when viewing them.

Does anyone have any intel on connections between movies and shamanistic or theurgic ritual?




4 thoughts on “Menos, Pharmakeia, Theurgy, and MK Ultra

  1. Well, this isn’t much, but back when I was in the film making business (at Big Idea, makers of VeggieTales), I was treated to a seminar on story telling in film in which we were taught that filmmakers, i.e., we, are the shamans of our day. This was central to the presenter’s message. I think I still have his book, which repeats this thesis in detail. This book and speaker were very popular in film animation circles at the time. Oh yeah, he was a flamer too.

    I really appreciate the posts on film. I independently came to a conclusion similar to yours.

    1. Thanks. I often think of smart phones too, which literally function like “crystal balls” or “skrying stones” and send AI like a spirit to go fetch things for us. I wonder if there is a demonic element to this technology.

      1. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I think Arthur C. Clarke was onto something. AI is very disturbing when you see that many of the people behind it want to turn it into a god that would compel everyone to worship it.

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