Harvey Weinstein, Ritual Sacrifice, and Horror Films



Dear Reader,

I am plowing through Michel Pastoureau’s The Bear: The History of a Fallen King for an academic article that I am writing. I came across an interesting story of the pagan sanctuary at Brauron, which is close to Athens, Greek.

Apparently, at this sanctuary, young Greek girls under the age of ten dressed in yellow and white and performed the roles of priestesses of Artemis while a female bear was sacrificed.

Pastoureau suggests that this ritual of the Classical and Hellenistic periods of Greece was a toned down version of an earlier ritual that involved abuse and then sacrifice of children.

This scene made me think of two phenomenon: one cinematic and fictional and the other real life.

It is a common trope and horror films for a good looking woman to engage in indecent acts (and sometimes even be raped) before being horrifically murdered by some monster or serial killer.

It is weird how much this narrative mimics ancient pagan rituals of defilement and sacrifice.

What the bear sacrifice at Brauron also makes me think of his the hidden story behind the Weinstein scandal.

It has been repeatedly noted that Weinstein’s indecent acts were done as much for his pleasure as to degrade the American, culturally Christian girls whom he was attacking.

It also has been suggested that the scandals of heterosexual rape of adults are hiding the scandal of child abuse in Hollywood.

Is it possible that this abuse involved ritual murder as well to some postmodern incarnation of the demon that was worshiped by the Greeks as Artemis.

6 thoughts on “Harvey Weinstein, Ritual Sacrifice, and Horror Films

  1. And yet in the end it was Weinstein himself that would be the sacrifice. Laid down to purchase further hostility between the sexes and libel the Christian enemy with impunity. Ironically the whole situation reminds me of a C.S Lewis quote (paraphrasing): “We have one advantage over the enemy: his masters hate him as much as they hate us”

      1. Although I did just finish reading the Space Trilogy Series, by C.S. Lewis. I think the themes he talks about in his last book, That Hideous Strength, are quite prophetic for our own time (Even more so than 1984) The evil organization in the novel is nearly a mirror image to the operations of the enemy today. In the novel that organization is held together by fear, hatred, animosity, greed, lust, ect. So it only comes naturally that the members are always trying to plot and destroy one another. The same I believe occurs in our world. I may just write a book report on the subject ha

      2. Hatred, jealousy, and feigned moral outrage. They will sooner or later try to use it as a weapon against their common enemy, Mr. Trump, who is blocking their plans of totalitarian world government. While pondering why these persons prefer Hell on earth, even if they somehow survive the inevitable purges and become part of the totalitarian ruling class, the answer became obvious: “better to burn in Hell than submit to Christ.”

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