Iamblichus on the Ancient Wisdom


One of the odd claims of the modern New Age movement is that they are recovering an ancient unified religion. This also is one of the claims of hermeticists and masons and is one of the goals of the ecumenical movement. What is interesting is that the Syrian Neoplatonist Iamblichus also believed in this ancient religion as did Plato who expounds upon it in his Timaeus. This religion seems to have the following qualities.

  1. A supreme father God that is worshiped under a variety of names.
  2. A mother goddess who is worshiped under a variety of names.
  3. However, at the same time, there is some understanding that humans can reach Godhead and either equal or become part of the supreme God.
  4. Avatars or prophets who come and present an exoteric teaching for the masses and estoteric doctrine for the “illumined ones.” Jesus is one of these avatars in Islam, Mormonism, Hinduism (after the 19th century), and the New Age movement, as well as the new Arian Christianity of the Vatican II Church.
  5. A divide between a master class (the illumined ones, the ubermensch, etc.)  or race (i.e., Nordics, colored people, Jews, etc.) and the common people who are animals and slaves. This divide is covered over by a duplicitous exoteric teaching of equality.
  6. A totalitarian world state.
  7. The paradoxical worship of technology as well as naturalism (especially for the masses who are more animal like).
  8. A brutal and sadistic violence masked by the exoteric doctrine of kindness and humanism.
  9. Sexual degeneracy as sex magic and a means of enlightenment.

This teaching survived in the West in gnostic and manichean sects, Talmudic Judaism, Islam, cells with in the Catholic Church as well as among the Byzantine and Eastern “Orthodox,” as well as in folk traditions and classical myths.

It is my view that this is the religion into which Pope Francis is steering us. I strongly believe, based on some evidence and rumors, that Pope Francis will introduce a new rite sprung from the Novus Ordo that will be an ecumenical rite that will accelerate the return of this new world religion.

3 thoughts on “Iamblichus on the Ancient Wisdom

  1. “If we believe Porphyry when he tells us that his master was born in the thirteenth year of the reign of Severus, that he listened to Ammonius at Alexandria, that he came to Rome at the age of forty, that he died in the Campagna; if we believe him when he tells us of his rules of health and his way of living, his kindness towards orphans entrusted to his care, his way of teaching, of composing works, of pronouncing Greek, of arranging his spelling, and the rest, why should we not believe him when he tells us that the philosopher was inspired by a higher daemon who dwelt within him and who showed himself upon his death in sensible guise? ‘At that moment, a serpent glided under the bed upon which he was reclining and slid into a whole in the wall; and Plotinus gave up his soul.’ Indeed, it would be surprising if the metaphysical eros, wherever Christ does not dwell, did not call for some kind of collusion with superhuman intellectual natures, the rectores hujus mundi.

    Jacques Maritain, The Degrees of Knowledge

  2. I find it very interesting how in seemingly all ancient traditions the serpent shows up as a source of divine wisdom; it seems only in the biblical tradition is the serpent or dragon shown to be the enemy and deceiver of mankind rather than its wise benefactor.

    More on Plotinus here,

    1. What if all the ancient traditions are basically the same except for the Christian. I was teaching the Chinese novel, The Journey to the West, and there is much in there that sounds a lot like Western occultism.

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