Benedict XVI and the Viennese Church (with Special Guest Conchita Wurst!)

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Dear Reader,

In my younger and more tender years as a Novus Ordo conservative, I was greatly impressed with reports of the notorious Panzerkardinal named Joseph Ratzinger, who, at the time was head of the CDF. I also distinctly remember rejoicing when the same cardinal was elected Pope Benedict XVI.

However, as I took an honest look at the acts and writings of Benedict XVI, I noticed that in addition to the genuinely Catholic qualities of Benedict, there were unquestionable marks of modernism–especially in his deeds.

It is with this unpleasant confusion in mind that I picked up some interesting tidbits in John Allen’s The Rise of Benedict XVI (in which the liberal Allen defends Benedict to his largely liberal audience). Allen writes that he was told by “cardinals” that Vienna’s Cardinal Christoph Schonborn firmly believed that it was “God’s will that Ratzinger be pope.” Allen further explains that Ratzinger and Schonborn have would some call a “father/son” relationship, and that Schonborn would attend some of Ratzinger’s seminars at Regensburg. Ratzinger, in turn, named Schonborn as the editor of the new Catechism.

This revelation is disturbing because Cardinal Shonborn is notoriously weak on degeneracy in his diocese; his Eminence even recently allowed a “LGBT” prayer service at Saint Stephen’s Cathedral at which there was a special guest appearance by, you guessed it, Conchita Wurst.

Is it simply the case that Cardinal Schonborn is a liberal and tolerant prelate, or is there something else going on here?



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