Another Clue into The Roots of Transgender Ideology

Dear Reader,

As I have written before, the roots of transgenderism are deep in myth and occult ritual. As I also have written before, many of the stories of humans and gods mating in classical myths are references to early rituals possibly involving sex magic and shamanistic communion with demons.

I just ran across something interesting in Walter Burkert’s Structure and History in Greek Mythology and Ritual related to these two phenomenon.

Burkert describes some strange stories of the Greek país or hermaphroditic or transgendered individual. There is the myth of Leto who transforms a Cretan girl into the boy Leucippus, and there was a subsequent bizarre Cretan ritual called Ekdysia that commemorated the story of Leucippus and may have involved pederasty.

Are these rituals and stories memories of an even deeper more sinister ritual that existed before Noah’s flood?

Is not only the phenomenon of transgenderism but that of human trafficking and rumors of human sacrifice and harm of children on the rise a revival of this cult?

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