Youth Culture, Possession and Music

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While it is common knowledge that the “teenager” was invented in the 20th century and that youth in particular have been targeted with revolutionary ideology, I just ran across an interesting quote from Socrates in the Phaedrus  on poetic madness or “furor,” which “seizes a tender, pure soul.”

Is their something special about a young soul making it especially susceptible not just to the moral, emotional, and psychological effects of music, but even the spiritual ones as well?

Another Look at Ficino, Demons and Music

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Dear Reader,

While I have written on facets of this topic before, I just came across two more interesting quotes from Marsilio Ficino regarding music.  Ficino had suggested in his De Vita that a demon could actually carry music into the ear. He also proposed that the musician could “make” demons with his music.

While the later idea is ridiculous, it nonetheless opens that idea that demons can be summoned via music and could enter into a person via the ear or perhaps by affecting the thamus or spirit.

This idea is especially pertinent to the notion of Orpheus as a mage-musician as well as the contemporary celebrity as a musician-mage able to mold and shape the audience through induced possession.

As a side note, the idea of an “alien” organism entering the ear is a common theme in science fiction present in Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan and Alien: Covenant.

The Epiclesis and Magic Ritual

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I just ran across an interesting reference to the “epiclesis” or the coming down or summoning of the spirits in theurgic, Chaldean as well as other magic rituals.

I know that this “epiclesis” is common in the East was introduced into the Novus Ordo.

I am not implying that this is epiclesis is necessarily a magic ritual introduced into the Novus Ordo or present in the East via assimilation of magic ritual.

However, the parallel with magic ritual does intrigue me.

Does anyone know the origin of how the epiclesis entered the Novus Ordo and what the role of the epiclesis is in the Divine Liturgy in Orthdoxy?

If so, please respond in the comments.


“The Church Must Breathe with Both Lungs”: Thoughts on the Council of Florence


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The Council of Florence (1438-1445) has cropped up a lot in my research on Neoplatonism and magic. While much good did come from the council and one of its goals: the bringing of Eastern Orthodoxy back into the fold of Catholicism is a noble end, there seems to have been some curious activity going on “behind the scenes.”

I have already written of the transmission of Neoplatonic magic, hermeticism, theurgy, and other occult ideas from Eastern Orthodox prelates who came to the West during the Council of Florence and after the fall of Constantinople.

What I want to look at here is the idea of using the Council Florence to kick start not the return of Eastern Orthodoxy to the Catholic fold but the creation of a one world religion.

Writing of the Council of Florence’s importance for some, Dennis Lackner writes, “The Council of Florence symbolized the aspiration for reconciliation between the two sundered halves of Christendom, Greek and Latin: a universal religious peace to achieve, in the words of Nicholas of Cusa, concordantia Catholica and pax fidei”

This language of universal peace and concordia sounds like the goal of the coexist movement as well as the religious dialogue between East and West that has occurred since the end of the Second Vatican Council, which has been especially important to John Paul II and Pope Francis.

There seem to be two ways of looking at the topic of Eastern reconciliation with the Roman Catholic Church.

The first is the idea that the Eastern bishops and patriarchs must submit to the authority of the Roman Catholic pontiff and thus return to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

The second is that the Eastern and Roman Catholic churches merge into one body while maintaining contrary theological positions and with the pope as merely the titular leader or figure head of the Church.  This “union” would serve as the catalyst for the unification of all  religions into one pagan religious riddled with contradictions and worshiping a nameless “God” who offers defication or “Christ consciousness” to its adherents.

Which one have post Vatican II popes been workign toward?


On Bears, Bulls, and the Revived Atlantean System

*Warning explicit content

Dear Reader,

I am in the midst of rereading a fascinating book (one of my favorites), Michel Pastoureau’s The Bear: A History of a Fallen King. One Pastoureau’s theses is that the bear was the first god worshiped by Germanic people.

The bear seems to have been an important totem animal for primitive Europeans who decorated their caves with bear drawings and seemed to adore bear skulls  (and continues to be so today in the form of Winnie the Pooh, teddy bears, and gummy bears).

The bear also supposedly could possess beserking Vikings with his power.

There were also folk tales of bears and humans mating and producing offspring, which lasted until the early modern period.

Under Charlemagne, there were thus mass killings of bears to ween the conquered Saxons off of their bear worship.

This discussion makes me think of the prominence of the bull among both Indo-European and Semitic cultures as a totem animal.

I am especially fascinated by the classical myths of the Minotaur and the labyrinth as well as Europa and the Bull.

The Cretan Minotaur story seems to involve bestiality (perhaps originally ritualistic?), human sacrifice, high technology (Daedalus builds the wooden bull for Pasiphae, daughter of Helios aka Lucifer, as well as the labyrinth–an important occult symbol, and finally, Daedalus also builds the Promethean-Luciferean wings for his son Icarus and himself). Daedalus was probably a magician of some sort, and there may, may be a connection with Orpheus.

Like bears, bulls were worshiped and associated with some sort of sexual ritual as well as human sacrifice in the form of Moloch in the Levant and the seven youths and virgins sent to be killed by Athens to the Minotaur to be killed.

These weird animal activities are being revived today.

Interestingly, human animal hybrids are being engineered (surgically and perhaps genetically) as this is being written.

There are also lots of knew weird animal costumes that children and even some adults wear even on a daily basis, i.e., not just on Halloween.

What is more, the animal rights movement is evolving into veneration and perhaps even worship of animals.

Finally, Europa and the bull, which represents Europeans migrating from the Levant to Crete (is this where Europeans originally came from as opposed to Northern India or the Caucasus?)  is now the de facto symbol of the European union.

What can we make of this?

  1. There probably was some sort of animal sex, ritual sacrifice, shamanistic cult that was practiced with bulls and bears (or using the artifacts of bulls and bears) among Indo-Europeans.
  2. Perhaps animals became more possessed in the pre-flood world and were able to speak with the voices of demons thus luring humans to worship them
  3. The demons love to break the natural law and degrade humans, so any sort of human-animal “crossing” was likely encouraged by their diabolical priests.
  4. There is clearly an effort to revive this animal worship and its cultic activities through the animal rights movement, the replacing of human companion ship of that of animals, as well as the disgusting degeneracy of the sexual liberation movement.



The Devil’s Insistence on Strict Adherence to Magical Ritual

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Dear Reader,

While paganism and its modern incarnation in the New Age movement is known for its flexibility and openness to variations in worship and ritual, I found something very interesting when reading about the Chaldean Oracles.

The demon of the oracles who calls himself “God” demands that the rituals be done absolutely correctly or this “God” will lead the magus down “the wrong path,” i.e. mislead him or her.

This is a very interesting tidbit, and it reminds me of something I saw one time.

I remember watching the beginning of a black mass performed by Anton Lavey (aka Howard Stanton Levey!) in a Protestant documentary on how degenerate and Satanic Hollywood is.

What I found especially curious about Lavey’s black mass (I quickly fast-forward through it and would strongly recommend against watching it!) was that it was in Latin, ad orientem, and a deliberate mockery of the Traditional Latin Mass not the Novus Ordo.

Thus,  the devil demands a strict adherence to his diabolical rituals which are a mockery of the Mass of the Ages not the Mass of Paul VI.

The devil often mocks God while simultaneously attempting to ape God’s magnificent designs. God demanded strict, exact observance of the detailed commands he gave to the Israelite people for worship, and the Most Holy Catholic Church has (until the 1960s) had a similar emphasis on slavish attention to detail in worship (and in doctrine).

Thus the modernist theology and the modernist mass with their loosey goosey approach are a special breed of evil and almost “sub-Satanic” form of degeneracy  that do not even match the standards of the wicked practitioners of the occult.

UFOs and Chaldean Magic

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Just a brief note on something I read from the ancient Babylonian text, the Chaldean Oracles.

A description of the “conjuring of Hecate” says that the magus will see “either a fire like a child, stretched over the vortex of the air, or a formless fire, from which a voice rushes forth, or an abundant light, rumbling spiral wise around a field.”

This fiery apparition of summoned demons sounds a lot like UFO phenomena that has been recorded en mass–especially in the 21st century: the majority of the “UFO’s” are fiery spiraling lights.

If some of these lights are not advanced military craft and are, in fact, demons who is summoning them?

Maybe “Lord” Rothschild knows