Why is the Goat Used as an Image of Satan?

Dear Reader,

A common story given as to why the goat is often used as an image of Satan is because of the ancient story  of the scapegoat, that is, Satanists, beginning in about the 19th century with Eliphas Levi, adopted the image of the goat for Satan in order to claim Satan as a scapegoat for evil when, in fact, the devil was, as Lucifer-Prometheus and the serpent of the gnostic myths, merely trying to help humankind.

While it is true that the baphomet figure as we know it does have its origins in Eliphas Levi, the use of the goat figure is ancient.

The satyr, a half man-half goat figure, was depicted in often very crude anatomically detailed manner on Greek vases as well as some Roman mosaics as well as a variety of myths. He is always associated with sexual degeneracy, and, very interestingly, degenerate music.

Is there a connection with Orphism here?

I would be willing to say yes.

The satyr figure was associated not with fertility per se, but with bestiality, rape, orgies, and other transgressive and degenerate forms of sex. What is further interesting is that in the stories of satyr rapes, like the story of rapes by gods such as Zeus, Poseidon, and Apollo, there is usual a bestial metamorphosis of some kind involved as well as a narrative of the loss of innocence of a young girl or nymph in a garden or other rustic settings.

The goat as animal thus became associated with sodomy, bestiality, as well as with magic rituals associated with these acts.

Thus we left with a few interesting points.

  1. The satyr and goat have traditionally been associated with transgressive sexual activities; thus, Eliphas Levi’s use of the goat as the hermaphroditic baphomet is an old trope. Satan as the adversary or tempted is defined by his desire to break the natural law and rebel against God’s order. Thus transgressive sex has a Satanic mystical element to it.
  2. Secondly, although St. Augustine dismissed the idea outright that Eve had sexual relations with the serpent in the Garden of Eden, could all of the stories of bestial rape of a virgin by a god in classical mythology be perverted tales of the fall of Eve?
  3. Were the bestial occult sex rituals performed in the Mediterranean reenactments of this seduction of eve by the Serpent?
  4. Is every transgressive sexual act a participation in this ur satanic ritual?
  5. Is this is what is going on at a black mass in which degenerate sex activity is being performed?
  6. Is this a clue to uncovering the human trafficking epidemic, the abuse of children in the Church, and even the Weinstein Hollywood stories of rape?

A Fifth Sign of the Demonic






One of the most disturbing things that I have encountered in Dave McGowan’s work Programmed to Kill is the use of human excrement in Satanic ritual. In McGowan’s profile of various tentacles of a hybrid of drug and human trafficking, Satanism, and military intelligence overlap, it seemed that excrement played an element in most of the cases.

McGowan’s work contains many disgusting references to excrement being used in child abuse, rituals, and packaged and stored in the homes of serial killers, satanists and others involved in McGowan’s alleged networks (in some of the worse cases, individuals who had been driven mad by their crimes lived in homes that were covered in human waste as well as human and animal blood and body parts).

These descriptions reminded me of the current promotion of various degenerate sexual acts that involve contact with human excrement–one can think of the recent Teen Vogue scandal.

Why would the devil request that human waste be used in Satanic ritual?

Is it simply to humiliate his slaves?

A key aspect of demonic activity is the inversion of the natural order. If a married couple is supposed to kiss on the lips as a sign of love, then other activity that inverts this kiss (and which is promoted by contemporary degenerate culture) is a disgusting mockery of a tender sign of human love.

Moreover, if gnosticism is intellectualized Satanism, then there is a link between the use of human waste and the hatred of the physical world–even in Goethe’s Faust Mephistopheles expresses his disgust for the stuff in the physical world. To a demon that hates the physical world, all physicality is grotesque waste.

Finally, we can see that the current fads of degenerate and unchaste sodomitical activity that has even entered into some Theology of the Body circles in the Church (!) is clearly demonic and meant to degrade the human body.

It also may even by an act of magic ritual.

On Bears, Bulls, and the Revived Atlantean System

*Warning explicit content

Dear Reader,

I am in the midst of rereading a fascinating book (one of my favorites), Michel Pastoureau’s The Bear: A History of a Fallen King. One Pastoureau’s theses is that the bear was the first god worshiped by Germanic people.

The bear seems to have been an important totem animal for primitive Europeans who decorated their caves with bear drawings and seemed to adore bear skulls  (and continues to be so today in the form of Winnie the Pooh, teddy bears, and gummy bears).

The bear also supposedly could possess beserking Vikings with his power.

There were also folk tales of bears and humans mating and producing offspring, which lasted until the early modern period.

Under Charlemagne, there were thus mass killings of bears to ween the conquered Saxons off of their bear worship.

This discussion makes me think of the prominence of the bull among both Indo-European and Semitic cultures as a totem animal.

I am especially fascinated by the classical myths of the Minotaur and the labyrinth as well as Europa and the Bull.

The Cretan Minotaur story seems to involve bestiality (perhaps originally ritualistic?), human sacrifice, high technology (Daedalus builds the wooden bull for Pasiphae, daughter of Helios aka Lucifer, as well as the labyrinth–an important occult symbol, and finally, Daedalus also builds the Promethean-Luciferean wings for his son Icarus and himself). Daedalus was probably a magician of some sort, and there may, may be a connection with Orpheus.

Like bears, bulls were worshiped and associated with some sort of sexual ritual as well as human sacrifice in the form of Moloch in the Levant and the seven youths and virgins sent to be killed by Athens to the Minotaur to be killed.

These weird animal activities are being revived today.

Interestingly, human animal hybrids are being engineered (surgically and perhaps genetically) as this is being written.

There are also lots of knew weird animal costumes that children and even some adults wear even on a daily basis, i.e., not just on Halloween.

What is more, the animal rights movement is evolving into veneration and perhaps even worship of animals.

Finally, Europa and the bull, which represents Europeans migrating from the Levant to Crete (is this where Europeans originally came from as opposed to Northern India or the Caucasus?)  is now the de facto symbol of the European union.

What can we make of this?

  1. There probably was some sort of animal sex, ritual sacrifice, shamanistic cult that was practiced with bulls and bears (or using the artifacts of bulls and bears) among Indo-Europeans.
  2. Perhaps animals became more possessed in the pre-flood world and were able to speak with the voices of demons thus luring humans to worship them
  3. The demons love to break the natural law and degrade humans, so any sort of human-animal “crossing” was likely encouraged by their diabolical priests.
  4. There is clearly an effort to revive this animal worship and its cultic activities through the animal rights movement, the replacing of human companion ship of that of animals, as well as the disgusting degeneracy of the sexual liberation movement.



The Devil’s Insistence on Strict Adherence to Magical Ritual

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Dear Reader,

While paganism and its modern incarnation in the New Age movement is known for its flexibility and openness to variations in worship and ritual, I found something very interesting when reading about the Chaldean Oracles.

The demon of the oracles who calls himself “God” demands that the rituals be done absolutely correctly or this “God” will lead the magus down “the wrong path,” i.e. mislead him or her.

This is a very interesting tidbit, and it reminds me of something I saw one time.

I remember watching the beginning of a black mass performed by Anton Lavey (aka Howard Stanton Levey!) in a Protestant documentary on how degenerate and Satanic Hollywood is.

What I found especially curious about Lavey’s black mass (I quickly fast-forward through it and would strongly recommend against watching it!) was that it was in Latin, ad orientem, and a deliberate mockery of the Traditional Latin Mass not the Novus Ordo.

Thus,  the devil demands a strict adherence to his diabolical rituals which are a mockery of the Mass of the Ages not the Mass of Paul VI.

The devil often mocks God while simultaneously attempting to ape God’s magnificent designs. God demanded strict, exact observance of the detailed commands he gave to the Israelite people for worship, and the Most Holy Catholic Church has (until the 1960s) had a similar emphasis on slavish attention to detail in worship (and in doctrine).

Thus the modernist theology and the modernist mass with their loosey goosey approach are a special breed of evil and almost “sub-Satanic” form of degeneracy  that do not even match the standards of the wicked practitioners of the occult.

UFOs and Chaldean Magic

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Just a brief note on something I read from the ancient Babylonian text, the Chaldean Oracles.

A description of the “conjuring of Hecate” says that the magus will see “either a fire like a child, stretched over the vortex of the air, or a formless fire, from which a voice rushes forth, or an abundant light, rumbling spiral wise around a field.”

This fiery apparition of summoned demons sounds a lot like UFO phenomena that has been recorded en mass–especially in the 21st century: the majority of the “UFO’s” are fiery spiraling lights.

If some of these lights are not advanced military craft and are, in fact, demons who is summoning them?

Maybe “Lord” Rothschild knows


The “God” of Praise and Worship


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Dear Reader,

I have been reading a work on the Chaldean Oracles, the work that is the basis of most of Western magic–especially Neoplatonic magic and theurgy.

One curious elements I have come across in the work  (and in all of my student of Neoplatonic magic and Gnosticism, in fact) is that Neoplatonism, theurgy, and Gnosticism all use images and words that are similarly used by Christians. “Father,” “Heavenly Father,” “Father of Lights,” etc.

However, these titles, when used in pagan prayer, clearly refer to other demons or Satan himself, not the Most Holy Trinity.


First of all, because Neoplatonists are not offering The Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass when worshiping but rather are practicing shamanic rituals that induce possession and ecstasy.

Secondly, these pagan services include worship of other gods and daemons as well.

Finally, Gnosticism and theurgy have been repeatedly condemned by the Church as demonic.

However, if it is possible to use “Christian” names for God and even the name of Jesus (as New Agers do), in self-identified pagan worship, then it is also possible that the “Jesus,” “Father of Lights,” and even “Holy Spirit” invoked at self-identified Christian worship, which is actually a contemporary form of shamanism and theurgy, is actually demonic worship.

It is my contention that such rituals take place during “praise and worship” festivals that use the name of Jesus and other holy names of God but are actually worship of demons.

I have already written that praise and worship ceremonies clearly resemble Gnostic rituals. However, even the magic ceremonies of the Chaldeans included such things as “enchanting songs” and “ineffable words” (praying in tongues?) that induced “prophets” to speak in prophesy by summoning spirits.

This sounds a lot like praise and worship ceremonies in which the “Holy Spirit” (or more likely the demon called Apollo by the Greeks and Romans) is conjured through Evangelical praise music and a sweaty, narcissistic charismatic begins to babel and tell the people words of consolation in the form of “prophecy”–remember the demons have no problem telling the people super nice and affirming things.

Is this how the Holy Spirit works? Can He be conjured by a layman and to come and reveal New Age platitudes?




Our Lady and the Triumph over Hecate

Roma-Santa Maria sopra Minerva.jpg

One of the more famous churches in Rome is a former temple dedicated to Athena or Minerva, which has been converted to a Catholic church titled “Maria sopra Minerva” or Mary over Minerva, celebrating Our Lady’s victory of the degenerate pagan goddess Athena.

While I had known that Our Lady was presented by early Christians as superior to the various goddesses that were venerated in the Mediterranean world, I was not aware of how great a contrast Our Lady has to the goddess Hecate–especially as read in the tradition of Neoplatonic magic.

Like Artemis-Diana with whom she is linked, Hecate, the goddess of the underworld and witchcraft was linked with the moon. She further had snake hair (a Gnostic symbol) and was adorned by fiery snakes. Finally, and most interestingly, Hecate was an image of the world soul, the “membrane” between the intellectual-spiritual world and the physical world. Thus, there is the connection with magic and witchcraft as those who mediated the power of Hecate could mediate between the spiritual and physical world, summoning demons and powers.

As a result, Hecate is a demonic mediatrix, a diabolical mockery of Our Lady.

Finally, it is weird how common the image of the veil or membrane between the spiritual and physical world is in everything from faerie tales with magic mirrors (remade by Walt Disney); to the Early Modern Chinese novel, The Journey to the West, to the poetry of Percy Shelley; to Stephen Spielberg’s 80s film, Poltergeist.

In fact, Hecate’s function sounds a lot like the screens of electronic devices that mediate the demonic world of the internet into our homes.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for us.

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Ficino and Music as a Demon

Marsilio Ficino famously writes in his book of natural magic De vita libri tres, “music is almost nothing other than a spirit [i.e., a demon.” This quote is especially interesting considering some music’s origins in shamanism and possession and the relationship between the contemporary music industry and occultism as well as how music has served as a catalyst in the recent mass shootings. Finally, many exorcists have noted the music can be a source of demonic infestation. One should thus be careful what he or she listens to.

Bishop Fulton Sheen and the Four Signs of the Demonic

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I am currently reading through Desmond A. Birch’s Trial, Tribulation, and Triumph: Before, During, and After Antichrist. Even though the book contains very strong elements of Novus Ordo Conservative “Modernism Lite,” there are a number of valid, traditional points in the book.

One of the sober points that Birch makes is to remind us of Bishop Fulton Sheen’s “Four Signs of the Demonic,” which the late American bishop drew from the story of the Gadarene Demonic. They are as follows:

  1. Nudity
  2. Violence
  3. Split personality
  4. Hatred of the cross

I want to provide a brief a reflection on each of these points


Obviously this point is especially pertinent to the absolutely disgusting and degenerate manner in which males and females dress in the West today, but I would like to explore this point further.

Even in sophisticated Classical pagan cultures men and women would not exercise or bathe together. Thus, when defenders of “Western values” attack Islam for being too strict in their separation of the sexes for certain events, they are actually attacking the beliefs of their own pagan and Christian ancestors.

Moreover, male and female slaves in most societies are designated by nudity or being forced to wear more revealing clothes than their owners. This is something to think about especially when we examine the sort of people who run the fashion industry.

Finally, even though many Catholics celebrate the triumphant display of human flesh in the Renaissance as something decidedly Catholic, the paintings are loaded with pagan symbolism and their painters were often crypto pagans themselves. Thus, while such works of art should be preserved and studied, Protestants are not so wrong in wanting to avoid taking children on field trips to certain sections of art galleries.


Reader, I will readily admit that I am a retired video gamer and used to revel in first person shooters. I also am one of the many Christians who will look away when an impure image comes on the screen but does not feel as bad watching violence.

However, it is quite clear that such sadistic enjoyment of human carnage and suffering is clearly demonic, and like impurity, a means for Hollywood to degrade and animalize us.

Split personality.

One of the oddities I have noticed with my investigations of many leaders in the post Vatican II church is the phenomenon of split personalities, that is, those who pose as deeply pious individuals but then have closets full of skeletons.

I don’t think in all of these cases that the people involved are “life time actors” (necessarily). Rather, I think that they really were or at least thought of themselves as deeply pious individuals who either participated in or at least allowed all kinds of degeneracy and scandal in the Church.

Hatred of the cross.

On the surface level, this obviously includes hatred of the physical symbol of the cross, but it also includes hatred of suffering and penance.

Image result for cardinal dolan pectoral cross jews

Where is your cross, Cardinal Dolan?

Those who hate the image of Our Lord’s suffer are not just “liberals” or “bigots” but rather servants of the devil.

Furthermore, those priests especially those Novus Ordo conservative and charismatic priests who dismissal penance are at least unwitting servants of evil.




Some Reflections on Spiritual Warfare

Dear Reader,

I would like to offer herein some personal thoughts in regard to spiritual warfare. I am not a psychologist or anyone’s spiritual director, so these comments should be taken as my opinion only.

It always sounds creepy and crazy when people on the internet go into detail in regard to their experience with diabolical phenomenon, and there are a number of panhandling “converts” from Satanism who often embellish their experiences with some exaggerations. So, for now at least, I will forego any detail on my experiences with evil.

However, I will share what has and hasn’t worked in ridding the pronounced presence of demonic from my life. Furthermore, some of my comments and sources will be drawn from the writings and podcasts of Fr. Chad Ripperger, whom I have found to be a very helpful resource.

What Has not Worked

I want, in the strongest words possible, to discourage people from seeking help from charismatic healers, prayer teams, etc. There is no question in my mind that these people are channeling demonic spirits in order to temporarily heal people of mental and physical elements.

The phenomenon of “praying in tongues” is either gibberish, or has been suggested, an ancient Semitic language  in which the speaker is actually blaspheming and cursing God under demonic influence.

The festival of praise and praise and worship practice is nothing more than a Dionysian worship ritual in which demonic entities are summoned to possess or at least affect the spirits of those in the ground.

Finally, the phenomenon of praying over someone is simply a lay person commanding a demon into someone as opposed to casting one out.

This does not mean that everyone involved in this practices is knowingly acting as a Shaman. In fact, I think that most of these people think their are honestly calling down the Holy Spirit and healing others.

What Has Worked

  1. Praying the traditional breviary in Latin (especially Compline).
  2. Receiving Holy Communion frequently.
  3. Avoiding almost all secular culture (especially impure movies, music, etc.).
  4. Attending the Traditional Latin Mass.
  5. Confession (especially a general confession).
  6. Penance, fasting, etc. (under the authority of a spiritual director).
  7. Avoiding drinking immoderately.
  8. Joining the Auxilium Christianorum.
  9. Learning the traditional and authentic teaching of the Church and developing a disgust for Modernism and even the Modernism Lite of Novus Ordo conservatives.
  10. Total Consecration to Our Lady (renewed yearly).
  11.  Daily meditative prayer.
  12. Purity (even in the married state).
  13. Renunciation of my own will and attempt to follow Our Lord’s (in everything).

Again, this not guaranteeing a cure, but these things, over time, may help.