A Fifth Sign of the Demonic






One of the most disturbing things that I have encountered in Dave McGowan’s work Programmed to Kill is the use of human excrement in Satanic ritual. In McGowan’s profile of various tentacles of a hybrid of drug and human trafficking, Satanism, and military intelligence overlap, it seemed that excrement played an element in most of the cases.

McGowan’s work contains many disgusting references to excrement being used in child abuse, rituals, and packaged and stored in the homes of serial killers, satanists and others involved in McGowan’s alleged networks (in some of the worse cases, individuals who had been driven mad by their crimes lived in homes that were covered in human waste as well as human and animal blood and body parts).

These descriptions reminded me of the current promotion of various degenerate sexual acts that involve contact with human excrement–one can think of the recent Teen Vogue scandal.

Why would the devil request that human waste be used in Satanic ritual?

Is it simply to humiliate his slaves?

A key aspect of demonic activity is the inversion of the natural order. If a married couple is supposed to kiss on the lips as a sign of love, then other activity that inverts this kiss (and which is promoted by contemporary degenerate culture) is a disgusting mockery of a tender sign of human love.

Moreover, if gnosticism is intellectualized Satanism, then there is a link between the use of human waste and the hatred of the physical world–even in Goethe’s Faust Mephistopheles expresses his disgust for the stuff in the physical world. To a demon that hates the physical world, all physicality is grotesque waste.

Finally, we can see that the current fads of degenerate and unchaste sodomitical activity that has even entered into some Theology of the Body circles in the Church (!) is clearly demonic and meant to degrade the human body.

It also may even by an act of magic ritual.

Aleister Crowley, Pythagoras, and Sicily

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I just came across an interesting note from David McGowan: Aleister Crowley’s Temple of Thelema was built not in “Italy,” but in Sicily. This is especially curious for a number of reasons.

First of all, Western magic has a least one leg of its mysterious origins in Pythagorean cultic activity that took place in Sicily.

Secondly, the myth of Hades and Persephone, who was abducted in Sicily, has a clear connection with shamanism and the Orphic myth and cult–maybe the key of the Persephone story is the initiation of a priestess into the underworld who accompanied Orpheus as a priest in some ritual.

Thirdly, as I have mentioned before, there is strong evidence that Plato hid a secret teaching in his philosophical writings, which was reintroduced into the West via Marsilio Ficino.

This secret teaching, or at least the “dark” version of it involves:

  1. Pedophilia / Pederasty
  2. A totalitarian state
  3. Shamanistic mystical experience and theurgy

Well, it is no secret what Crowley was doing / plotting in the temple of Thelema, and it is very likely that he chose to reboot Satanism in the 20th century at the same spot at which it possibly entered Europe in the ancient world.



Madame Blavatsky and Richard Spencer: A Bizarre Connection

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Dear Reader,

During the long, hot summer of 2017 when the Alt Right exploded on the national scene at Charlottesville, I often thought of the connections between the Alt Right and the Manson Family, which also wanted a race war–I know that Richard Spencer calls for peaceful genocide but bear with me.

One of the key elements of Charles Manson’s cult was a race war that would bring about the apocalypse–sounds a little like Christian Zionism, doesn’t it?

Well, I have been working my way through Dave McGowan’s very disturbing and graphic Programmed to Kill and came across an interesting tidbit about Madame Blavatsky.

I knew about her racialist ideas as well as parallels between her thought and Nietzsche’s. However, I did not know that she advocated a race war.

I also came across an interesting tidbit about Aleister Crowley who claimed that Richard Wagner and Friedrich Nietzsche were past grand masters of Crowley’s OTO.

Well, Richard Spencer just so happens to be fomenting (intentionally or not a race war) and is a devote of Nietzsche who regularly spouts Nietzschean ideas. Spencer also allegedly worked at Bayreuth theater, the Ground Zero of Wagnerianism.

Is there a wider connection here between Spencer and the OTO or an organization that temporally created and used the OTO?

Is it possible that Spencer is working one half of a dialectic that is seeking racial conflict to bring about increasing state oversight?

Is this dialectic part of an occultic, alchemical ritual?

Is there a connection with Donald Trump or the Bushes?

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Olympias and the Acroamatic Teaching of Aristotle

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Dear Reader,

Aristotle is often considered the most level headed of the ancient philosophers and rightly so. While there is strong evidence that Plato is alluding to certain of Orphic or Pythagorean mysticism in dialogues such as the Phaedrus and Symposium, there is generally little reason to believe that the Macedonian philosopher was a hidden occultist.

However, there is a passage at the beginning of Plutarch’s Life of Alexander that always strikes me as odd:

It would appear, moreover, that Alexander not only received from his master his ethical and political doctrines, but also participated in those secret and more profound teachings which philosophers designate by the special terms “acroamatic” and “epoptic,”and do not impart to many. For after he had already crossed into Asia, and when he learned that certain treatises on these recondite matters had been published in books by Aristotle, he wrote him a letter on behalf of philosophy, and put it in plain language. And this is a copy of the letter. “Alexander, to Aristotle, greeting. Thou hast not done well to publish thy acroamatic doctrines; for in what shall I surpass other men if those doctrines wherein I have been trained are to be all men’s common property? But I had rather excel in my acquaintance with the best things than in my power. Farewell.” Accordingly, in defending himself, Aristotle encourages this ambition of Alexander by saying that the doctrines of which he spoke were both published and not published; for  in truth his treatise on metaphysics is of no use for those who would either teach or learn the science, but is written as a memorandum for those already trained therein.

A couple of things to consider.

Aristotle and Alexander studied together at the precinct of the nymphs near Mieza.

Alexander learned medicine from Aristotle, which was often associated with natural magic.

While there is no known connection between Alexander’s mother Olympias and Aristotle, as far as I know, Olympias was a devotee of the Orphic cult and practiced some sort of serpent worship. This is not to say that Aristotle has necessarily had hidden Orphic teaching in his work.

But we are left with few interesting questions.

Did Alexander pick up Orphism from his mother?

Did Alexander and Aristotle worship together or practice and early form of theurgy at Mieza?

What is the hidden teaching of the Metaphysics?

Hecate as Physis, Natura, Mother Nature and Gaia

I ran across an article linking the World Soul with “Mother Nature” and “Gaia” that was written by an ecocritic in a book on ecocritical approaches to the Early Modern period. The article traced the connection among the myths of Gaia, the Pythagorean-Platonic notion of the World Soul, the premodern notions of nature as physis or natura and modern ecological veneration of mother nature.

The Chaldeans and theurgists venerated this same deity as Hecate and Psyche.

Is there then a connection between modern Gaia worship and the worship of Hecate, the goddess of the underworld?

Leviathan, Hecate, and the Ouroboros

One of the prevailing theories of Christian “deep” mythological research is the idea of an ur religion that is at the basis of all nonChristian religion. While this may sound rude and predjudicial, the idea is that all of these religions are basically identical in outlook and are fundamentally diabolical.

Whether or not one agrees with this view, it is clear, from my own research, that in the West and to a certain degree the Islamic, Hindu, and East Asian world (as well as diasporic, Talmudic Judaism, there is an Ur religion from which all these religions sprang.

An early manifestation of this religion in the West has been called Orphism.

In Orphism (as well as Gnosticism), the World Soul (called Hecate as well as Psyche by the Chaldeans and theurgists) is called the “serpent” and “Leviathan” and is combined in Greek religion in the image of Hecate surrounded by serpents.

Interestingly, some schools of Talmudic Judaism venerate this serpent.

It is a “no brainer” who this serpent is in the Bible. However, how could Satan be the animating principle of the universe or even earth?

Is this simply a lie or trick? Or do demons play some function in the mechanical workings of the universe similar to the good angels?

Is there a deeper mythological-occult significance to Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan and the modern state?

Hecate’s Spinning Top and Christopher Nolan’s Inception


Christopher Nolan is usually viewed as a bleakly postmodern secular director whose ideas largely have their origins in the nihilistic world of the late 19th and early 20th century.

However, some have noted that there are deeper mythological and even occult tropes in his films.

I have found a possible source of Nolan’s spinning top in Inception.

Hecate, the goddess of witches, as well as the image of the anima mundi or Wold Soul of Neoplatonic philosophy and magic had a top, which could be used by a theurgic magician.

This top is described by the philosopher Psellus and is relayed to us by the scholar H. Lewy: “this instrument consisted of a golden disk–triangular, circular or of some other shape–, its surface covered with mystical characters, with sapphire inset in its centre. A leather thong attached to the disk enabled the theurgist to swing it around, while reciting magic spells. IN the intervals of these recitals the theurgist uttered inarticulate sounds: these were mostly imitations of animals cries which, in accordance with ordinary magical practice, were intended to frighten off the evil spirits, who were liable to disturb the operation; the same purpose was pursed by whipping the air and by emitting laughing sounds. When this magical top was made to spin inwards, ‘gods were called upon’ to come and when, on the other hand, it was spun in an outward direction, they ‘were set loose.'”

Nolan’s Batman movies famously inspired mass shootings and seemed to have a profound effect upon the millennial generation.

There is also the shamanistic performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker, and Hans Zimmer’s ambient music clearly as a shamanistic origin (it is called trance and ambient music for a reason).

Is the iconic top a throw back to Hecate?

Is Nolan trying to channel, even if “metamorphically” spirits into his audience?

Or is the top simply a symbol of the fragility of what Nolan sees is a chaotic universe?



The Dual Meaning of the Sign of The Cross (with a Brief Mention of the Resurrecifix)

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The sign of the cross was ubiquitous on MTV during the 80s and 90s. It was generally assumed that the artists were either trying to create a neo-Gothic aesthetic, or they were trying to make a sacrilegious statement and were mocking the cross.

However, I just came across something very interesting from a book on the Chaldean Oracles, which reveals that the cross is also an ancient symbol of the World or Cosmic Soul aka Hecate.

This passage reminded me of a comment I once heard that the Christ of the ressurecifix is not the crucified Christ but rather Zoroaster or even the anti-Christ healer who was not really crucified and does not ask for his followers to crucify their flesh.

Whether or not this latter assertion is true, it is important to note that Christian symbols can be utilized by the occult. Thus, just because a person sees a Christian image (in a suspicious situation especially), it does not mean that this image reflects a Christian idea.

This idea is especially interesting when applied to modernist (and even some medieval!) churches that contain a combination of both occult images and Christian. Perhaps the Christian images in these churches are not meant to be Christian at all.

Julian the Apostate and Theurgic Magic Revisited

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I just came across an interesting tidbit on Julian the Apostate’s connections to theurgy. Apparently, Maximus, one of the disciple’s of Iamblichus who was able to “vivicate,” that is, animate a statue of Hecate through magic, had initiated Julian the Apostate into theurgy in a subterranean temple dedicated to Hecate in Ephesus.

Is there more to the story of Julian than simply a pagan emperor who wanted to bring back the old gods?

Was his persecution of the Church part of a wider plot?