Aleister Crowley, Pythagoras, and Sicily

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I just came across an interesting note from David McGowan: Aleister Crowley’s Temple of Thelema was built not in “Italy,” but in Sicily. This is especially curious for a number of reasons.

First of all, Western magic has a least one leg of its mysterious origins in Pythagorean cultic activity that took place in Sicily.

Secondly, the myth of Hades and Persephone, who was abducted in Sicily, has a clear connection with shamanism and the Orphic myth and cult–maybe the key of the Persephone story is the initiation of a priestess into the underworld who accompanied Orpheus as a priest in some ritual.

Thirdly, as I have mentioned before, there is strong evidence that Plato hid a secret teaching in his philosophical writings, which was reintroduced into the West via Marsilio Ficino.

This secret teaching, or at least the “dark” version of it involves:

  1. Pedophilia / Pederasty
  2. A totalitarian state
  3. Shamanistic mystical experience and theurgy

Well, it is no secret what Crowley was doing / plotting in the temple of Thelema, and it is very likely that he chose to reboot Satanism in the 20th century at the same spot at which it possibly entered Europe in the ancient world.



Madame Blavatsky and Richard Spencer: A Bizarre Connection

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Dear Reader,

During the long, hot summer of 2017 when the Alt Right exploded on the national scene at Charlottesville, I often thought of the connections between the Alt Right and the Manson Family, which also wanted a race war–I know that Richard Spencer calls for peaceful genocide but bear with me.

One of the key elements of Charles Manson’s cult was a race war that would bring about the apocalypse–sounds a little like Christian Zionism, doesn’t it?

Well, I have been working my way through Dave McGowan’s very disturbing and graphic Programmed to Kill and came across an interesting tidbit about Madame Blavatsky.

I knew about her racialist ideas as well as parallels between her thought and Nietzsche’s. However, I did not know that she advocated a race war.

I also came across an interesting tidbit about Aleister Crowley who claimed that Richard Wagner and Friedrich Nietzsche were past grand masters of Crowley’s OTO.

Well, Richard Spencer just so happens to be fomenting (intentionally or not a race war) and is a devote of Nietzsche who regularly spouts Nietzschean ideas. Spencer also allegedly worked at Bayreuth theater, the Ground Zero of Wagnerianism.

Is there a wider connection here between Spencer and the OTO or an organization that temporally created and used the OTO?

Is it possible that Spencer is working one half of a dialectic that is seeking racial conflict to bring about increasing state oversight?

Is this dialectic part of an occultic, alchemical ritual?

Is there a connection with Donald Trump or the Bushes?

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Sodomy and Gnosticism

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As we know, occultists generally function both in analysis and method in the form of an evolving dialectic opposition of two principles held in a state of tension until an eventual synthesis. The perfect example is the dialectic between feminism and the degenerate male whose synthesis appears to be the transgendered sterile robot worker.

However, as part of the process of reaching this eventually goal in the Antichrist system, the ursatanic religion, Gnosticism, often uses cells of male homosexuality to encourage male degeneracy.

We see in Plato’s Symposium as well as Phaedrus clear references to homosexual activity, which Plato later renounces in the law.

We also see this in the proliferation of homosexual cells in the Church, in academia, and in the corporate world. There are branches of Masonry as well in which sodomy is used as an initiating and enlightening activity, and there is of course of the sodomy promoted by Aleister Crowley.

Even the Alt Right seems to have been co-opted by a gang of “queens.”

Part and parcel of these groups is a contempt for women and especially female reproduction. This contempt is seen in various Manichean and Gnostic sects in the West that promoted celibacy and sodomy as a means of avoiding the generation of human life.

Despite the veneration of Sophia and other feminine divine forces, many strands of Gnosticism also contain this contempt for femininity and childbirth.

A Gnostic text that was part of the 1945 find in Nag Hammadi Egypt, the Zostrianos states, “Flee from the madness and the bondage of femininity and choose for yourself the salvation of masculinity.”

The underlying question, then, is why?

Here are some theories.

  1. The demons hate the natural law and want to thumb their noses at God by encouraging the practice of crimes against nature.
  2. The demons hate human life and the physical world since they are pure spirits (this may have been one of the reasons why they chose to rebel).
  3. The act of sodomy itself causes profound neurological changes in a human–especially for the catamite.
  4. These acts create an intense bond necessary for secret societies.


Black Sun Rising: The Alt Right and the Occult Revisited

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Dear Reader,

As I have pointed out earlier, members of the Alt Right such as Matt Heimbach have used symbols of the chaos magic of Aleister Crowley via Alexander Dugin to strengthen their movement.

Another important symbol of the Alt Right is the black sun (which can be used interchangeably with the Swastika, by the way). There something especially notable about the black sun.

It is a very ancient symbol for not only the sun, but for the fires of Hades, which are integrally intertwined with the fire of the sun in pagan theology.

In his Ancient Philosophy, Mystery, and Magic: Empedocles and the Pythagorean Tradition, Peter Kingsley writes, “in late antiquity, the sun seen in a vision could meaningfully be described as ‘Tartarus-like’…; and it was entirely in the spirit of this ‘underground’ tradition about the sun and its affinities that early Islamic cosmology presented the sun as ‘created from the fire of the earth’, related the heat of the sun to the heat of hell-fire, and could speak in one breath of the fire of which the sun and the devils are made.”

Thus the Alt Right expression of the “fire rising” could be reference to bringing the apocalyptic fires of hell to earth via chaos magic and marching under the black sun of hell.

The more I research the Alt Right, the weirder they appear.

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Spirit Cooking Revisited: The Alt Right and Milk Drinking


As I have noted in an earlier articles (here and here),  it was not Aleister Crowley who invented the notorious Spirit Cooking ceremony allegedly partaken in by members of the American Democratic Party; rather, elements of the practice date back to Gnosticism.

However, I have recently discovered in Peter Kingsley’s excellent Ancient Philosophy, Mystery, and Magimilk drinking and breast feeding rituals (one of the components of Spirit Cooking) date back to even earlier rituals in the Antique Mediterranean world. These rituals were associated with the worship of the gods Attis, Dionysius, Persephone, Isis, as well as the stories of Heracles. The notion, as in Spirit Cooking, was that the milk might grant immortal life.

The fact that this bizarre ritual would would crop up throughout history is not so shocking; however, the notion that such a ritual would be continuously practice sub rosa in secret for thousands of years does open an curious can of worms.

Interestingly, the image of milk as cropped up recently in optics of the Alt Right movement’s leadership.

With an obvious nod to a ridiculous article suggesting that milk is a symbol of white supremacy as well as to the fact that Northern European people are more lactose tolerate than other humans, Richard Spencer, one of the de facto leaders of the Alt Right has used milk as icon on his Twitter account. On its own, this may not mean anything. However, the more one explores the Alt Right, the more he or she can see a strong presence of the occult.

The icon of the frog, used by the Alt Right is not just a reference to the popular and crude Pepe the Frog meme. The frog is also a pagan deity, and Spencer has publicly said with sincerity in an interview with Mother Jones that the Egyptian frog deity Kek “is basically using the alt-right to unleash chaos and change the world.”

There is also a direct connection with Aleister Crowley himself, one of the modern vessels of the Spirit Cooking ceremony. Members of the Alt Right such as the allegedly gay Greg Johnson have penned articles praising Aleister Crowley and Spencer’s Alternative Right web page has featured pieces praising the Beast. What is more, there are magical symbols popularized by Crowley, which are used by Alt Right groups such as the Duginite  Traditionalist Workers Party. 

Maybe Spencer’s use of milk is just a way of celebrating his ethnic heritage. Maybe its a nod to Satanism. Nonetheless, in the Alt Right we clearly have a weird Crowlian brew of occultism, violence, and sodomy mixed with some elements of traditional Christianity.

What is going on here?


Martin Luther’s Credo and Aleister Crowley

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In much of the contemporary Church, Martin Luther is venerated as a saint who fought for simple piety, a “return” to the pure and humble reading of scripture that falsely is attributed to the early Church as well as advocate for individual liberty and conscience. Luther then for many Novus Ordo Catholics is a Reformer who was repressed by the Count Dracula Counter Reformation Church and has thankfully been freed from guilt by the cool post-Vatican II popes.

Those Novus Ordo who venerate Luther are, in a certain sense, not wrong to do so, for much of post-Vatican II theology is inspired by Luther. Luther, however, is decidedly not a Christian thinker in any sense of the word.

I would like to point to one quote of Luther’s that is especially disturbing. As I have mentioned before, one of the fundamental doctrines of Gnosticism is freedom from the harsh laws and discipline of the Old Testament, the Catholic Church and even the Gospels themselves. Spontaneity, the movement of the “spirit,” and freedom of conscience and enlightenment are all characteristics of Gnosticism as well as what will later in the 19th and 20th century become known as formal Satanism. Well, dear reader, Martin Luther is in full agreement with the ancient mysteries when he writes in the Babylonian Captivity of the Church: “I shall lift my voice simply on behalf of liberty and conscience, and I confidently cry: No law, whether of men or of angels, may rightly be imposed on Christians without their consent, for we are free of all laws.”

Luther’s statement sounds remarkably like the credo of the founder of modern Satanism Aleister Crowley: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

In his magisterial work, Philip II, William Thomas Walsh suggests that there was an active Kabal behind the Reformation. Might there be more to Luther than simply a scrupulous monk with bad ideas?