The Woke Meme and NeoPlatonic Furor

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Just a quick note on a weird connection between the popular internet meme of glowing eyes in an avatar as a sign of being “woke” or conscious to allegedly deep philosophical and political issues.

Such an image of glowing eyes was popular in the Renaissance to denote the intelligence and beauty of a soul that itself reflected the divine forms. In Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queene, he writes of the huntress Belphoebe’s eyes “flaming” like “two liuing lamps.”

This is not necessarily an occult connection, but it is a sign that the person is possessed with fury, perhaps even the fury of a daemon or demon.

Black Sun Rising: The Alt Right and the Occult Revisited

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Dear Reader,

As I have pointed out earlier, members of the Alt Right such as Matt Heimbach have used symbols of the chaos magic of Aleister Crowley via Alexander Dugin to strengthen their movement.

Another important symbol of the Alt Right is the black sun (which can be used interchangeably with the Swastika, by the way). There something especially notable about the black sun.

It is a very ancient symbol for not only the sun, but for the fires of Hades, which are integrally intertwined with the fire of the sun in pagan theology.

In his Ancient Philosophy, Mystery, and Magic: Empedocles and the Pythagorean Tradition, Peter Kingsley writes, “in late antiquity, the sun seen in a vision could meaningfully be described as ‘Tartarus-like’…; and it was entirely in the spirit of this ‘underground’ tradition about the sun and its affinities that early Islamic cosmology presented the sun as ‘created from the fire of the earth’, related the heat of the sun to the heat of hell-fire, and could speak in one breath of the fire of which the sun and the devils are made.”

Thus the Alt Right expression of the “fire rising” could be reference to bringing the apocalyptic fires of hell to earth via chaos magic and marching under the black sun of hell.

The more I research the Alt Right, the weirder they appear.

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