Dignitatis Humanae, Masonry, and the Loss of Latin America

Dear Reader,

Just a quick note on something I just read in Paul Johnson’s Modern Times to which I have just returned to finish.

Johnson, in many ways a neocon hack, is an engaging writer and intelligent historian, and in Modern Times he notes that Evangelical Protestantism grew in Latin America in the 1970s and 80s precisely because the concordats between Church and state forbidding Protestant recruiting had been stripped away after Vatican II.

Thus, the effect of the Declaration on Religious Liberty was not the freedom of the Church in the modern world, but the implosion of the Church in traditionally Catholic countries that were protected by the state.

This passage in Johnson’s book also reminded me of two connections between the architects of Vatican II and their successors and American intelligence.

As David Wemhoff notes in his book on Fr, John Courtney Murray and the CIA, American intelligence attempted to put pressure on Vatican II via Fr. Murray to make the Catholic Church more liberal.

Thus American intelligence was very likely behind Dignitatis Humanae, the “Declaration on Religious Liberty.”

Furthermore, several researchers have pointed to the link between US intelligence and several Evangelical missionary organizations to Latin America.

Is it possible that Dignitatis Humanae was planned by American intelligence to damage the Church’s influence in the world and then the same intelligence groups used Protestant missionary organizations to Americanize Latin Americans, bringing them under the economic, political, and psychological control of the Deep State?