The Picatrix, Adocentyn, and the Enlightenment Vision of a Magic City

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It is common knowledge even among “regular people” that Washington, DC is designed according Masonic and even magic principles–there is a broken pentagram above the White House. It is also clear that many other cities, including St. Petersburg, Russia, were laid out according to occult principles.

However, I just came across (for the second time) a description of the legendary magic Egyptian city of Adocentyn from the book of magic by the Arab of Harran, the Picatrix.

There are a couple of strange things about this city. Like the city of Alexandria, Virginia a suburb of Washington, DC, Adocentyn contained a lighthouse.

Secondly, this light house was decorated with various lights that were coordinated with days of the week.

These light shows, which often included images of pagan gods, have been common phenomenon since the creation of sky scrapers (many of which are decorated with occult images themselves). There was even a light show recently on the face of St. Peter’s Church in the Vatican.

Were those who built the skyscrapers and those who now decorate them with strange lights and light shows paying homage to the Picatrix?


Sodomy and Gnosticism

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As we know, occultists generally function both in analysis and method in the form of an evolving dialectic opposition of two principles held in a state of tension until an eventual synthesis. The perfect example is the dialectic between feminism and the degenerate male whose synthesis appears to be the transgendered sterile robot worker.

However, as part of the process of reaching this eventually goal in the Antichrist system, the ursatanic religion, Gnosticism, often uses cells of male homosexuality to encourage male degeneracy.

We see in Plato’s Symposium as well as Phaedrus clear references to homosexual activity, which Plato later renounces in the law.

We also see this in the proliferation of homosexual cells in the Church, in academia, and in the corporate world. There are branches of Masonry as well in which sodomy is used as an initiating and enlightening activity, and there is of course of the sodomy promoted by Aleister Crowley.

Even the Alt Right seems to have been co-opted by a gang of “queens.”

Part and parcel of these groups is a contempt for women and especially female reproduction. This contempt is seen in various Manichean and Gnostic sects in the West that promoted celibacy and sodomy as a means of avoiding the generation of human life.

Despite the veneration of Sophia and other feminine divine forces, many strands of Gnosticism also contain this contempt for femininity and childbirth.

A Gnostic text that was part of the 1945 find in Nag Hammadi Egypt, the Zostrianos states, “Flee from the madness and the bondage of femininity and choose for yourself the salvation of masculinity.”

The underlying question, then, is why?

Here are some theories.

  1. The demons hate the natural law and want to thumb their noses at God by encouraging the practice of crimes against nature.
  2. The demons hate human life and the physical world since they are pure spirits (this may have been one of the reasons why they chose to rebel).
  3. The act of sodomy itself causes profound neurological changes in a human–especially for the catamite.
  4. These acts create an intense bond necessary for secret societies.


Gnosticism, German Idealism, Romanticism, and Christopher Nolan’s Inception (A Very Brief Note)



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I am in the midst of writing an academic article on Gnosticism and Renaissance poetry, but I would like to share some brief thoughts on something I recently uncovered. Generally, it is assumed that in the transcendent experiences promised by ancient shamanism, Neoplatonic theurgy, Gnosticism, Romantic poetry, and Disney movies, the initiate would ┬ábe taken to a “whole new world” in some celestial plane. However, among Gnostic sects, this other world could simply be called “mind,” “soul,” “spirit,” “divine spark,” or even “inner man.” Thus the voyage is to “God” (that is, a demon pretending to be God) takes place within one’s own mind in some Gnostic sects (thus the connection with Idealism). As a result, the inner self is God and the goal of Gnosis (whether mediated through a Disney cartoon or New Age teacher) is to realize one’s own divinity.

This is one of the core themes of the director Christopher Nolan’s Inception (as well as his Momento and Interstellar), but its not like Hollywood is run by Satanists or anything.