Michael Novak and The Reset of History

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Dear Reader,

The most important event for Christians is the birth of Christ. However, for many postmodern Christians (including both leftists and neocons), there is another event that comes as a close 2nd and, in some cases, trumps even the birth of Jesus Christ: the Second World War and the Holocaust.

For these Christians, who include Jacques Maritain, John Paul II, and Pope Francis (I assume at least for the first two figures the life is Christ is more important) among their ranks as well as the architects of Vatican II,  the Second World War was a reset of history in which a new humanistic ecumenical, Judeo-Christianity would supplant the Christendom founded by Constantine (and Charlemagne and many others). If not, then National Socialism and its crimes would eventually be repeated. The thinking here is that Nazism is the by product of Christendom–as is allegedly demonstrated the disgusting book, Constantine’s Sword.

Thus, in this view, World War II and the Holocaust are a second Incarnation and Calvary and second Gospel for a reboot of Christianity.

The recently deceased Catholic neocon, Michael Novak seems to be among the ranks of these Christian humanists as well, as he writes in his autobiography. For Novak World War II created “the need to build from the bottom up a new civilization.” In fact, Novak writes that such a creation will be similar to the “biblical creatio ex nihilo.” 

This idea is not simply the dream of Enlightenment “reformers” but occultists as well who hoped to build a New Age on the ruins of Christendom.

Such a statement is very strange and very revealing for Novak who claimed to be “conservative Catholic.”

What sort of civilization did he want to build?

As his neocon pals like George Weigel indicated, he did not want to remake Christendom.

The bigger question is: what sort of civilization did Novak want to build if not the one founded by Jesus Christ?