A Tiny Clue in the Hidden History of the Occult in Eastern Orthodoxy


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Dear Reader,

I was dozing off to bed reading the end of The Greeks and the Irrational, a classical work of mid twentieth century classicism, when I bolted up right with shock as the author, E.R. Dodds, gave me a very important clue in my wider research.

As I have mentioned, it is one of my central theses that the magical tradition (Chaldean magic, Orphism, theurgy, Indo-European shamanism, etc.) lived on in Eastern Orthodoxy after the dissolution of the Platonic academy (which was doing more magic than philosophy at the time).

Well, I had known that there was some connection between the 11th century Orthodox monk Michael Psellus and Neoplatonism and perhaps theurgy, I did not know that, as Dodd writes, Psellus watched an Orthodox bishop perform a ritual “on the lines of pagan theurgy.”

Now E.R. Dodds was a mainstream, rationalistic classicist. He was not conspiracy theorist by any means. But in this passage he is saying outright that not only were there Orthodox monastic cells practicing theurgy, but at least one Orthodox archbishop was practicing Neoplatonic magic in the 11th century!

Is this the cult practiced by Alexander Dugin and Vladimir Putin?

Is this the cult practiced by our good friend Jay Dyer?

Is Orthodox theology infected in toto with theurgic magic?