The Picatrix, Adocentyn, and the Enlightenment Vision of a Magic City

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Dear Reader,

It is common knowledge even among “regular people” that Washington, DC is designed according Masonic and even magic principles–there is a broken pentagram above the White House. It is also clear that many other cities, including St. Petersburg, Russia, were laid out according to occult principles.

However, I just came across (for the second time) a description of the legendary magic Egyptian city of Adocentyn from the book of magic by the Arab of Harran, the Picatrix.

There are a couple of strange things about this city. Like the city of Alexandria, Virginia a suburb of Washington, DC, Adocentyn contained a lighthouse.

Secondly, this light house was decorated with various lights that were coordinated with days of the week.

These light shows, which often included images of pagan gods, have been common phenomenon since the creation of sky scrapers (many of which are decorated with occult images themselves). There was even a light show recently on the face of St. Peter’s Church in the Vatican.

Were those who built the skyscrapers and those who now decorate them with strange lights and light shows paying homage to the Picatrix?