A Brief Note on Gnosticism, Sex Magick, Transgenderism, and Theology of the Body

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In my younger more tender years when I was a member of the JPII generation of Novus Ordo conservatives, I thought that John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and the degenerates and perverts like Christopher West and Gregory Popcack who popularized John Paul II’s thought were a welcome breath of fresh air that would sweep away the dusty old moral theology of Augustine, Aquinas, and Alphonsus Liguouri.

However, it is now quite obvious to me that the Theology of the Body movement is a product of Romantic (and thus ultimately pagan) notions of love, sex, and marriage. In fact, the only place where one will find ritualistic sex is in the occult.

I just ran across an interesting tidbit about the Asclepius, an Gnostic-Neoplatonic work that, among other things, claimed to teach men how to become gods. In the Asceplius humans were once only of one sex i.e., transgendered, and that sex enabled them to participate in a “divinely ordained mystery,” i.e. a pagan magic ritual.

There is a need for further exploration of how and why this Gnostic magic sex ritual entered into Catholic theology in the latter 20th century.