A Fifth Sign of the Demonic






One of the most disturbing things that I have encountered in Dave McGowan’s work¬†Programmed to Kill¬†is the use of human excrement in Satanic ritual. In McGowan’s profile of various tentacles of a hybrid of drug and human trafficking, Satanism, and military intelligence overlap, it seemed that excrement played an element in most of the cases.

McGowan’s work contains many disgusting references to excrement being used in child abuse, rituals, and packaged and stored in the homes of serial killers, satanists and others involved in McGowan’s alleged networks (in some of the worse cases, individuals who had been driven mad by their crimes lived in homes that were covered in human waste as well as human and animal blood and body parts).

These descriptions reminded me of the current promotion of various degenerate sexual acts that involve contact with human excrement–one can think of the recent Teen Vogue scandal.

Why would the devil request that human waste be used in Satanic ritual?

Is it simply to humiliate his slaves?

A key aspect of demonic activity is the inversion of the natural order. If a married couple is supposed to kiss on the lips as a sign of love, then other activity that inverts this kiss (and which is promoted by contemporary degenerate culture) is a disgusting mockery of a tender sign of human love.

Moreover, if gnosticism is intellectualized Satanism, then there is a link between the use of human waste and the hatred of the physical world–even in Goethe’s Faust Mephistopheles expresses his disgust for the stuff in the physical world. To a demon that hates the physical world, all physicality is grotesque waste.

Finally, we can see that the current fads of degenerate and unchaste sodomitical activity that has even entered into some Theology of the Body circles in the Church (!) is clearly demonic and meant to degrade the human body.

It also may even by an act of magic ritual.

Bishop Fulton Sheen and the Four Signs of the Demonic

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I am currently reading through Desmond A. Birch’s Trial, Tribulation, and Triumph: Before, During, and After Antichrist. Even though the book contains very strong elements of Novus Ordo Conservative “Modernism Lite,” there are a number of valid, traditional points in the book.

One of the sober points that Birch makes is to remind us of Bishop Fulton Sheen’s “Four Signs of the Demonic,” which the late American bishop drew from the story of the Gadarene Demonic. They are as follows:

  1. Nudity
  2. Violence
  3. Split personality
  4. Hatred of the cross

I want to provide a brief a reflection on each of these points


Obviously this point is especially pertinent to the absolutely disgusting and degenerate manner in which males and females dress in the West today, but I would like to explore this point further.

Even in sophisticated Classical pagan cultures men and women would not exercise or bathe together. Thus, when defenders of “Western values” attack Islam for being too strict in their separation of the sexes for certain events, they are actually attacking the beliefs of their own pagan and Christian ancestors.

Moreover, male and female slaves in most societies are designated by nudity or being forced to wear more revealing clothes than their owners. This is something to think about especially when we examine the sort of people who run the fashion industry.

Finally, even though many Catholics celebrate the triumphant display of human flesh in the Renaissance as something decidedly Catholic, the paintings are loaded with pagan symbolism and their painters were often crypto pagans themselves. Thus, while such works of art should be preserved and studied, Protestants are not so wrong in wanting to avoid taking children on field trips to certain sections of art galleries.


Reader, I will readily admit that I am a retired video gamer and used to revel in first person shooters. I also am one of the many Christians who will look away when an impure image comes on the screen but does not feel as bad watching violence.

However, it is quite clear that such sadistic enjoyment of human carnage and suffering is clearly demonic, and like impurity, a means for Hollywood to degrade and animalize us.

Split personality.

One of the oddities I have noticed with my investigations of many leaders in the post Vatican II church is the phenomenon of split personalities, that is, those who pose as deeply pious individuals but then have closets full of skeletons.

I don’t think in all of these cases that the people involved are “life time actors” (necessarily). Rather, I think that they really were or at least thought of themselves as deeply pious individuals who either participated in or at least allowed all kinds of degeneracy and scandal in the Church.

Hatred of the cross.

On the surface level, this obviously includes hatred of the physical symbol of the cross, but it also includes hatred of suffering and penance.

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Where is your cross, Cardinal Dolan?

Those who hate the image of Our Lord’s suffer are not just “liberals” or “bigots” but rather servants of the devil.

Furthermore, those priests especially those Novus Ordo conservative and charismatic priests who dismissal penance are at least unwitting servants of evil.