Christopher Marlowe and Culture Creation in the Elizabethan Age

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Dear Reader,

It is common knowledge today that there is an interlock between pop culture and government occultic propaganda. Many, especially on the political left, recognize that this interlock is as old as the Egyptians. This propaganda, called, ideology by Marxists is meant to enslave the masses of people while exalting a ruling class.

While today there is so much awareness of the inundation of occultic imagery in pop culture that Taco Bell can do an “illuminati” parody commercial, this connection between government, culture, and magic has an old pedigree in the West.

While doing so research on Cornelius Agrippa (for an academic book I am writing on the occult in the Renaissance, btw, not because of curiosity!), I came across some interesting material on the English playwright Christopher Marlowe.

While attending Cambridge, Marlowe went absent in 1587 and returned with a large some of money.

Moreover, Marlowe was later under the patronage of Thomas Walshingham, a cousin of Francis Walshingham, Queen Elizabeth I’s spy master.

Furthermore, Marlowe, who died a mysterious and perhaps ritualistic death (he was stabbed above his right eye), had a keen knowledge of magic, especially the magic of Cornelius Agrippa. Marlowe allegedly derived his interest in magic from a circle of writers that included Sir Walter Raleigh, who himself was interested in magic, and The Wizard Earl of Northumberland, Henry Percy–Spenser, Sidney, and Dee also had some connection to this circle.

Marlowe also was accused by Richard Baines, his contemporary, of being interested in “boys” (like many cultural celebrities and occultists today).

Finally, there were two playwrights who were brought in to add 600 lines in Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus.

Christopher Marlowe is just one of many Elizabethans in which politics, magic, sexual degeneracy, and religious reform join.

Is it possible that Marlowe was not merely a spy for England but a cultural change agent hired and finessed to disseminate occult teaching and revolutionary ideas into the West?

Was Marlowe part of a proto-Masonic society that drew from the hidden Orphic teaching disseminated by Cornelius Agrippa and other magi?

Is there a link with Shakespeare here?